Training seminar for leaders in working with children and teachers of Sunday school


The Association “Teaching from the Word – Precept Ministries Moldova” organized a seminar for leaders working with children and for teachers of Sunday school and Religion. During the seminar, the participants went through the inductive Bible study manual “Cracking the Covenant Code,” taught by Erika Maiko and Lenuța Suman, teachers at the Institute of Inductive Bible Study in Moldova.

“The society in which we live needs God and especially children, those who absorb any information. Studying with them is not trivial or easy, but it needs serious preparation. That is why we organize such seminars, because it is very important that any parent and worker in the field of children be well equipped to preach the gospel to them. We are the ones who must come up with an alternative, namely the teaching of the Word, so that they know where they can receive answers to questions and that they are in accordance with the Word, for the good and salvation of their souls.” (Erika Maico)

This textbook presents the covenants that God has made with His people

The “Cracking the Covenant Code” manual outlines the covenants God has made with His people.

The course consists of 8 lessons, and each lesson is divided into 5 parts for different days.

“The topic addressed in this manual is what makes it special. As a doctrine, the subject of the Covenant is studied in depth and it is very important for every child, from an early age, to know this key concept in the Bible. Depending on how much you know this truth, it influences your experience with God. This book also puts children in front of a choice, namely to enter into the New Covenant with Him.” (Lenuța Suman)

This seminar offers practical teaching methods

The participants stated that this seminar helps them to know various effective and interactive methods in teaching this course to children.

“Together with my husband and some of our disciples we decided to come to this seminar, because we are involved in working with sports, and most of the participants are children. We knew that this time too there will be new teaching ideas, which helps us to be as efficient as possible in the work and to teach them the Word in the most interesting way possible. In the future, of course, we will teach this course to the children and we hope that they will understand and enter into the New Covenant with the Lord Jesus.” (Marika Ilescu)

“First of all, I know that all the seminars organized by the inductive study are clear and very helpful and they interested me in helping me to work with children. I was convinced that I would leave here with new materials and new ideas. I liked this book and, of course, I will pass it on.” (Oprea Cristina)

The seminar took place on October 6 in Chisinau, inside the “Harul” church on 2/8 Ciocârliei Street.

Translated by Ina Croitoru