The solution is ours | Editorial Radu Blendarencu

The times we live in have shaken us to the ground. The pandemic triggered by the new coronavirus has certainly made humanity wonder where we are going. At least that’s how I’d like to see it. This situation is a good lesson for me, too. I have seen once again that no one and nothing can stand against the power of God, who is Sovereign and who does what He wants with this earth. In this situation of great trial for each of us, I’ve understood one thing.

The solution is ours. We are the only ones who can stop this pandemic if we do exactly what God tells us. First of all, dear reader, we must understand that health, healing and listening go hand in hand. Like it or not, we must recognize that there is a close connection between sin and the diseases we see now. Obviously, not all diseases are a consequence of sin, but in the times we are witnessing, I want to believe that my sin and that of many would cause the crisis we are going through.

I want us to see together what God said to His people, who would have gone through a similar crisis. In the book of 2 Chronicles, God made it clear to them that the solution to healing was with them, that is, with people. Here is what they had to do and I absolutely believe that we must follow these steps. God first asks us to humble ourselves. That is, to recognize that everything we have belongs to Him. Let us no longer believe that if we come from a European civilization, being from a Christian nation, and have the facilities we have on the old continent, it may somehow give us immunity. No, absolutely, God wants us to recognize that what we have belongs to Him and that without Him we are powerless. It is this situation that must humble us and open our eyes to our hearts.

Then we are asked to pray in these times, to pray, that is, to cry out to Him for the spiritual healing of our soul. Let us intercede more on our knees than in front of computers or televisions for God to pour out His mercy on us. Before this epidemic came, we prayed quickly, talked to God quickly, checked the clock often until the divine services ended, read the Bible quickly, and did everything quickly. It is these times that must make us understand that fellowship with God is essential and holy.

God is still asking us to seek His face. Now let us examine ourselves and see how often we study the Holy Scriptures? Isn’t it true that I always had something more important to do than Bible study? God is in His Word. Let’s get together in the most serious way to seek the One who can save us from this pandemic.

The Holy Scriptures also tell us to seek the face of God and to turn away from our evil ways. Dear reader, let us not lie that we have no sins. God promises us that if we have sinned, we should confess our sins and He is good to forgive us. Let’s have a time of repentance. And if we do, I believe in God who is committed to listening to us from heaven and forgiving our sin. God also promises that if we do what is described above, our country will be healed. We all want this pandemic to pass as quickly as possible, but how quickly do we want to hear what God is telling us in the Holy Scriptures? Let’s hurry, we don’t know what tomorrow will bring us. Let’s run to Him today, and you will be convinced that the solution is ours!

God have mercy!

Translated by Ina Croitoru