The protests from Chisinau on the 7th of April 2009 (The building of Presidency)

After leaving the Great National Assembly Square, those 500 young people who came together yesterday evening, the 6th of April, to express indignation about the grave frauds committed by the communist government at the election on the 5th of April, promised to come again to protest the next day, that is today, the 7th of April. At lunch I received messages from more young men from the church and I went to the square to see what happened. I could not believe when I saw how ample the protests were, when I saw the first floor of the building of Presidency burning and young people throwing stones into windows to show their indignation that they had been deceived at this election.

The windows of the third and fourth floor of the building were broken and the crowd continued to throw with stones into windows, while the firemen were trying to stop the fire from inside.

The police shield carried by a young man was a trophy taken by him after the fighting he had had with the police.

The communist authorities organized so that the mobile phones may not be in service. Some of the young men cried that they had to change from Orange to MoldCell, since Orange co-worked with the communists and stopped the communication in that very important moment. We do not know what are the causes of this disconnection of communication, maybe we will find this out later. Anyway, there were many, very many people in the square and the place between the buildings of Presidency and Parliament was full with indignant people.

Some of them were not able to see what happened or were shorter, so they climbed up the trees.

I was moved by a lady who was standing near a tree, looking at the indignant crowd and praying. How important it is for all of us to pray in these difficult moments for our country. God help us and keep us from the evil the evil ones want to do to us as a nation and from bloodshed.

Young people were shouting very desperately asking the resignation of the communist government.

There came also old people to manifest their indignation.

People who were in the crowd said that communists blocked all entries in the city and they didn’t allow the protesters from the country to stick to the protests from the Great National Assembly Square. Anyway, some of them managed to come, for example those from Leova.

People from the crowd welcomed with joy the car of the ProTV television, when the team came to film and to broadcast the development of the events.

Not long after this, Dorin Chirtoaca (Liberal Party) and Vlad Filat (Liberal Democratic Party from Moldova) came and they urged the protesters to come to the Great National Assembly Square to assure organized protests.

I will come later with an article to relate what happened in the Great National Assembly Square.

Translated by Felicia Djugostran