The positive aspect of Coronavirus

The whole Earth seems to have been put on hold because of humanity’s new challenge – the new COVID-19 virus. A virus, which is spreading with astonishing speed, has caused the world’s states to close their borders, stop their economies, close their educational institutions and isolate people from each other. There is even a maxim circulating on social networks, which says: “If you love your neighbor, stay away from him.” The earth is in a huge quarantine. The Republic of Moldova, along with other countries in the world, has established a state of emergency to prevent the spread of the killer virus. According to the World Health Organization, on Thursday, March 19, 219,345 people worldwide became infected with COVID-19 and the number of deaths caused by this virus reached 8,969 people. In our country, the number of infected people is 36 people and one person died. The government continues to urge all citizens to stay at home until at least April 1 to help the medical system meet the new challenge. Although Coronavirus brings with it health-related and economical inconveniences, I have nevertheless identified 5 positive sides of it:

1. A time of self-analysis

Sometimes it is beneficial to stop for a moment from our daily running, to do a self-assessment. Let’s ask ourselves simple questions: where do I run, why do I run, how do I run? And I think a question that is grinding us all is: why did it happen? We have the opportunity to isolate ourselves in our secret room and talk to God about our lives, analyze ourselves in the light of His Word, ask forgiveness from Him, and thus come out of it with wise long-term decisions.

2. It brings families closer

Personally, I believe that these quarantine weeks will positively boost the relationship between both spouses and between parents and children. Most of them are not used to spending time with their family, claiming that they do not have enough time or that they have to earn a living. Good reasons, by the way. Now, however, no one is in any hurry. The husband and wife finally have the opportunity to sit down and communicate quietly with each other, but also with their children, to prepare food together, to do joint activities. Let’s put aside our personal ambitions, turn off mobile devices and make the most of this time to build relationships with those in our home.

3. It generates creativity

The health crisis has given a huge impetus to humanity to seek creative solutions to problems. Given the fact that students have to stay home at least until the end of March, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova has now mobilized to the maximum to develop a plan for organizing the distance learning process. Several private companies in the country have already made available online platforms to help teachers upload their homework on the Internet and easily interact with their students. Also, the ministers of the evangelical churches in the country, due to the restrictions imposed on public meetings, have found solutions for interaction with the believers and more effective transmission of the biblical message. Last Sunday, they made the most of social networks to broadcast LIVE sermons. For the first time, the Precept Institute of Moldova is organizing its first distance Bible study session. The business environment is no exception, as it is becoming more and more aware of the need for more efficient use of information technologies. 

4. It makes society responsible

Although there are still many people who make light of the situation when talking about the COVID-19 virus, and refuse to comply with the measures imposed by the state of emergency, we still see an increase in solidarity and awareness. People are beginning to understand social interdependence, the importance of self-isolation and following common hygiene rules, etc. These are good skills that will help us cope with such challenges in the future.

5. Nature takes a deep breath

We live in a world of unprecedented consumerism, a habit that has a negative impact on nature. Certainly, this global economic break will also have a positive impact on the environment. Like man, nature needs rest. Even in the Old Testament we find a commandment by which the people of Israel were obliged, every 7 years, to sow nothing in the earth, that it might be restored. 

I think that in the next few days we will witness paradigm shifts on all dimensions, which will pleasantly surprise us all. 

Translated by Liza Bîrlădeanu