The need for good initiatives in the absence of leadership

As a pastor, I have seen situations where good initiatives were needed in the absence of leadership. I am referring to situations when the leader is missing or not present or coming up with some initiatives. I have seen situations when it was the case for those present to take the initiative, but they did nothing. I filmed a video in Romanian where I explain how important it is to be careful in such situations, so that in the future we do not leave such situations overshadowed, without good initiatives when they were expected and needed:

There are many beautiful examples in the Bible from which we can learn to be careful in situations where our initiative is needed. Abigail, the people of Jabesh-gilead, Onesiphorus, Lydia, Gaius — all these took good initiatives at the right time. I urge you to have Scripture as your yardstick, your standard. We must listen to our elders in the Gospel, be obedient to them, so that they do their work with joy, not sighing. When we obey them, we carry our salvation through fear and trembling. The Apostle Paul urges us to obey leaders not only when they are present, but much more in their absence, without murmuring and wavering. When they are not present or do not care about them, when the leader cannot even ask for certain initiatives, let us be sensitive people and take initiatives to save the situation and make things go well. May God keep us from bad initiatives, which upset God and are not in line with Holy Scripture.