The major problems of the teenagers

This summer I was at the Bible Study Centre in Surduc, Romania. In an evening I went with our children Nastica, David and Daniel to stay on one river’s shore. While our sons David and Daniel were playing bare-footed in the water of their river, we had an interesting discussion, how we are always used to have, with our daughter, Nastica, or, as we call her in our family, Tica. I asked her what the major problems of the teeanagers of nowadays were. As always, Tica answers with concrete examples. She told me that she had heard once how a girl from her class had had a discussion with her friend from another class. That one said that her future plans were those: she would marry in one-two years, then she would divorce, and then she would make a career, money, etc. and then until the age of 25 years old she would marry the man which, she thought, would truly be her husband for the whole life. Tica added that she had never heard the girls saying that they want to be mothers, to have children, to take care of them, to build lasting families. Then, I asked her what made her want to have a family, to be a mother and not think as the others do. Her answer was that the greatest motivation she had was the relation she saw in our family and another one was when she saw on streets happy pregnant women, mothers with happy families. That made her want to have a family too.

I asked Tica if she had ever had at school a subject or a theme or a discussion that would motivate pupils to build and have a lasting family. She couldn’t remember of having something like that. Maybe it had been, but she couldn’t remember.

I found important to write this post, to motivate you, dear reader, to discuss with your children about the importance of having a lasting family and how important it is fidelity and a beautiful relationship. Only in this way, it can be built and maintained a lasting family.

Translated by Djugostran Felicia