The immorality that is promoted in abundance is a spiritual struggle

lupta spirituală

In his message addressed to the ASCOR organization, Mr. Ion Guzun wrote:

You are confusing something, neither in the text of the law nor in the activity of the organization is promoted pedophilia, zoophilia, etc. Having a negative opinion towards these groups of people, you should not “stigmatize” them and assign them activities and things that they do not practice and do not promote. The fact that the spiritual leaders of the Catholic and Orthodox churches in previous centuries have promoted and / or participated in bloody actions (eg, burning at the stake, torture, etc.) does not generally mean that the church promotes these behaviors.

Mr. Ion Guzun is right that the text of the bill does not mention the word pedophilia or zoophilia, but as the draft contains many subtle things, if it gets legalized in the current wording, the law will be used by immoral people to promote pedophilia and any other abominations and perversions.

Following the preaching of the truth of God’s Word about deliverance from the clutches of sexual immorality, several homosexuals turned to me for spiritual help and counsel. All these people were trying with all their might to get out of this bondage of corruption. Through the power of God’s Word and faith in Jesus Christ, many have been finally set free and others are on the path to deliverance. Seeking to understand the causes of their sin, almost everyone confessed that during childhood or adolescence a homosexual or lesbian talked to them a lot about immorality to the point of seduction, or seduced them to try perversions and then continue to live in them. 

The current draft of the non-discrimination law seeks to give immoral people the right to freedom of assembly and expression. They use all these freedoms only to promote immorality and discuss nothing else. They want to rape the minds of children, adolescents and young people and then rape their bodies and recruit them for the abominations they practice.

Mr. Ion Guzun is right about the church. People enslaved by immorality are prisoners of a spiritual war. The apostle Paul makes us aware of this spiritual warfare and tells us Christians:

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12 NASB) 

Bloody acts (torture, burning at the stake, etc.) against immorals is the spiritual struggle, or as the Word of God mentions “fight against flesh and blood,” and God teaches us not to fight such a fight. Our struggle is spiritual in nature. We, all Christians, are called to present the truth of God’s Word that sets us all free and that has freed and continues to free many people from the bondage of sin and immorality.

Translated by Didina Vicliuc