The biggest investment – Editorial by Radu Blendarencu

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From an early age, most children are taught to invest in something. Being on the school benches, I remember how most of my colleagues and friends dreamed of becoming rich, declaring that they would invest their time and knowledge to reach this state of happiness. For most, happiness is measured in money. More than once have I heard the expression that money is all I need.

Unfortunately, this is the trend for most of us. Believing that our whole life is ahead of us, most of the time we “burn” time on things that have no value and we do not even realize that we can miss huge opportunities that God has prepared for us, opportunities to invest life in things that really have value. For the general confusion in which the world lives today, I think that one of the most appropriate books that the Bible recommends is the book of Ecclesiastes, written by Solomon.

Solomon spent forty years on the top of the world, walking on all its Everests: wealth, fame, love, respect, wisdom. However, on every mountain top and in the dizzying descents that followed, Solomon came to realize that life is empty, barren, meaningless if God is missing from it. By excluding God from life, living at the “under the sun” level and ignoring the big picture of life, then we will reach the end of the road “empty-handed.” Ecclesiastes is the testimony of a man who had it all and experienced it all, but who felt an unstoppable drive towards something impossible to neglect and satisfy like the eternal being.

The human soul is thirsty and hungry for a reality that cannot be replaced by “bread and water.” The pleasures of the body never satisfy the soul. Earthly accomplishments leave us in the throes of agony for the realities of eternity. If it all ends at the grave, then this life is just a farce that is not worth living, laughter will turn into tears, and joy into lamentation. Why do we not want to understand that this life has been given to us in order to bring a correct picture to the world of our Creator, God? Why do we waste years in life and beg for seconds in death? Is it not better to understand that life must be lived to the fullest, for it is a gift that we have received from God, only you have to live carefully, knowing that you will be accountable to your Maker on the day he calls you to judgment.

That is why the biggest investment you can make in this life is to apply your skill to do good unconditionally. I have heard the testimonies of famous people, who, once they reached high financial heights, realized that everything is vanity.

Living for others is a huge joy. I know, you’ll tell me it’s not worth it, because we live in a selfish world. But in the end, you and I are the world, and it is up to me to make a difference in the world in which God has placed us. Living with such an attitude, you will see how much meaning you will give to your life and you will stop running for nothing, which you have today and disappear tomorrow.

Evaluate your priorities and see what the fruits of your run are. Remember that in the midst of the multitude of opportunities and material abundances, the human soul can starve to death! Dear reader, invest in eternal things, only they will count in your encounter with God.

Tranlsated by Didina Vicliuc