The Advantages of the Inductive Bible study Institute

There are many schools in our world today that can offer you a great education and prepare you for some sort of service. Having an education from a secular university I know what it is like to be trained in a certain field, studying theory for four years and then having to gain practical knowledge on your own. For years, I thought that this was the way that a person learned a profession and became a professional. While visiting Chisinau, Moldova I was introduced to the Inductive Bible study Institute. There are many advantages of the Inductive Bible study Institute that I would like to share using three main advantages as a guide, being that the Institute teaches you how to study the Bible, how to teach the Bible, and how to work in a team.

It has been said that efficient leaders are not born, they are made

The Institute teaches you how to become an efficient leader. There are many leaders in this world today and there have been many but there are few effective ones. One’s effectiveness will be seen by his results and the results of the Institute speak for themselves. In order to be efficient in the ministry one needs to be trained in how to study the Word of God because it is the guide for effectiveness. The Institute teaches you how to study the Word of God systematically, giving you structure and order in your study time. You will learn to draw out the Truths of the Word for yourself as you discipline yourself in daily study time. As you learn how to study and actually study you will see great changes take place on a continual basis in your spiritual life. You will grow quickly as you follow the advice of your mentor, the one who teaches you at the Institute. There are not many schools that offer to give you both a teacher and mentor, but that is exactly what the Institute offers. This is the theoretical part of the Institute which will also lead you to the next step, the practical part.

The Institute not only teaches you theory but also teaches you how to apply what you are learning in an easy, practical way

As you study, you will learn from the example of your teacher, specifically in the art of teaching and leading others in Bible study. Part of the Institute is application or the practical part, which means that you go and teach the study that you learn while at the Institute. You have material to teach because you have learned to use the manual at the Institute and by using the manual in a small group setting, you begin to make disciples. As you teach what you have learned, you have your mentor (teacher from the Institute) who is ready to help you when you have situations that require such a need. After teaching your small group, you invite your students to come to the next session of the Institute where you will continue your training and your students will begin their training. The process of discipleship has begun and you are fulfilling the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is to “make disciples of all nations”.

How to work in a team

Another great advantage that the Institute offers it the fact that it teaches you how to work in a team. As you start small group Bible studies and make disciples you are laying the foundation of a team that will work together for the furtherance of the Gospel. It is difficult for many people to work in a team because they have never been taught how to do it. Teamwork takes effort and many people are not ready to put forth the effort that it takes. As you learn to work in a team by studying at the Institute, you will develop a vision for the future, a common vision towards which you and your disciples will work. Being students at the Institute tears down walls that things like “denominations” build between Christians. You learn to study the Word and apply It through disciple-making, building a team, and serving together with the same vision of making new disciples. As you are be trained and as you serve the Lord, you meet a need in your local Church. You will serve the Church and the Church will benefit from the fact that you are making disciples and bringing them with you to serve in the Church and be part of its team.

As you have seen, there are many advantages to studying at the Institute which will bring you life-long rewards and ultimately eternal rewards from your heavenly Father. Would not you like to take part in such an extraordinary thing? It is possible, and all that you have to do is contact Mr. Vasile Filat using his email address which is, . I hope that you will answer the Lord’s call and make disciple. In order to be an efficient disciple-maker you need efficient training, which you can receive at the Inductive Bible study Institutes of Eurasia.

May God bless you!!!