Testimony: “Bible Study Brings Healing”

I want to share how God has worked this year in the study groups He has given me, for He gives the desire and He also fulfills it. To Him is all glory and honor forever and ever!

 One of the groups with which we did a Bible study this year meets at our home, on Friday at 7 pm. This year we studied together the courses Joseph, Covenant and Marriage Without Regrets. The group was mixed: Christians and non-Christians, and glory to God that 11 people have made a covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ. God blessed us and accompanied us with His miracles through the miraculous healing of Alexei, a 30-year-old man suffering from leukemia and diabetes. After the group’s fervent prayers and his strong belief that God bore his sickness in His wounds on the cross two thousand years ago (1 Peter 2:24), God physically healed him and brought five other relatives to repentance, as well as the doctor who treated him. This strengthened us more in faith and in the desire to know God better.

 With another group of women from the church “Jesus the Savior” we studied this year the courses James, the Names of God and we started the “Christian Family” calendar. The group meets every Monday at 6 pm. About 50 Christians gather who are the most active in the church. Studies together have helped us better understand who our God is, what our position is in Him, and what we are called to. Thus, strengthened in the Lord, we all participated in several activities organized by the church: visits to the nursing home, visits to the churches in the villages through which we encouraged the churches through study and fellowship, meetings organized for widows and single women, meetings with women and their non-Christian husbands, etc.

 One of the most impressive meetings for me was with the detainees from the Rusca prison. Before I went, I was told that they were petrified, they listened but did not react to the Word. We were with several women in our group, and each had a word of encouragement, and at the end we did a little Bible study of God’s love. At the end of the study, the Spirit of God urged me to call them to accept the Lord Jesus into their hearts, and when more than half of those in the room (68 people) raised their hands, showing their desire to accept the Lord Jesus in their hearts, I lost myself for a few moments, for I did not expect such an answer, given what I was told before. But God is the One who works in every heart. Sister Catea from our group goes there every Sunday and studies with a group of about 30 people who gather regularly. May God sow the Seed planted in the hearts of these women deprived of the love of others and despised by men.

 Equally blessed was the time spent studying at Sunday school, in which I am involved with children aged 13-14. This year I studied the book Joseph. It was a grace to hear the prayers of children who wanted to be like Joseph in their way of life, and some of the children who are brutally treated by their unbelieving fathers received the necessary balm on their wounds and trust that the Lord is in control in any situation. We rejoiced with the other teachers when one of our students, Mariana, signed up for the baptism that will take place at the end of May. We pray for her that the Lord will carry her in His chariot of victory on the way she has chosen.

 It is wonderful to be a co-worker with God, or rather to witness how God does His work through His children. Blessed be He from everlasting to everlasting, for all come from Him, through HIM and for His glory and praise.

 Zinaida Cibotarica – student of the Institute of Inductive Bible Study in Moldova

 Translated by Nicoleta Vicliuc