Ten (10) Reasons to Use the Ubuntu Operating System (Linux)


When it comes to applying new technologies, people usually make difficult decisions and this is later reflected in the success of the activity they do because they will lag behind others who carry out the same activity using those technologies. A relatively new thing in the world of technology is the Linux operating system. Every day more and more people leave the Windows operating system to switch to Linux. The most popular distribution (version) of the Linux operating system today is Ubuntu. Here are some reasons why you should take this operating system seriously:

1. Ubuntu is free to all users

Absolutely free and can be downloaded from the Internet. You can even write a message through the official website and one or more copies of the program will be sent to your home on a CD. 

I have already received twice as many copies as I have given to my friends and disciples.

2. Ubuntu is the easiest to operate and very intuitive

This is one of the main tasks of the team working on this program. They want it to be one that can be easily used by anyone, regardless of their previous computer knowledge. Not so with Microsoft, especially if you’ve had the opportunity to see the latest version of Windows, called Windows Vista.

3. Ubuntu is the result of the work of the best programmers in the world

Mark Shuttleworth came up with the idea to create this operating system. After graduating from university, he created a company for the development of computer programs and especially security. At a certain stage in his life, he decided to take a trip into space. To do this, he had to spend 8 months training at the Russian cosmodrome, learn Russian and pay $20,000,000 to see the earth from space. On his return, he decided to do more for humanity. He sought to find out who the best programmers in the world working outside of Microsoft were and invited the best 12 of them to London. During the meeting he had in his apartment, he asked them if it was possible to create an operating system better than Microsoft Windows based on the Linux system. The programmers assured him of the reality of this possibility and then he sponsored the first pilot project. The result far exceeded expectations and since then, the same team complemented by new programmers from around the world, is working hard to develop this program.

4. Ubuntu is developing very fast

One of the commitments of the developers of this program is to come up with a new version every 6 months. The latest version was released in April 2007 and the next one is expected to be released in October 2007. The improvements are amazing from one version to another.

5.Ubuntu gives you an interface in your native language

Can’t believe it? That’s how it is. You can make some simple settings and the whole system interface will come up in Romanian, or Russian, or Vietnamese, or English, as you choose.

6.Ubuntu is enhanced by users around the world

In addition to the best programmers working on the development of this operating system, the developers encourage all users to help improve it by translating, writing code, correcting mistakes, etc. This is another reason for such a rapid development of the program.

7.Ubuntu has much higher security because that’s how it was designed.

8.Ubuntu is much more protected against virus attacks

Those who created viruses were mostly targeted to attack the Windows system, the most widespread in the world so far. There are few viruses for Linux but already quite a few antivirus options that are also offered free to all users.

9.Ubuntu can be installed on Macintosh or PC computers

I know people who love the Macintosh computer, but they haven’t switched to it precisely because they don’t want to learn a new operating system. If you learn Ubuntu, you will be able to freely use the computer you like best, of course if you have enough money to buy it.

10.Ubuntu gives you the advantage of buying a computer

Someone who went to a computer store in Chisinau told me that when he wanted to buy a computer with a 150 GB HDD, he was told that if he took the computer with the pre-installed Ubuntu system, instead of Windows, he could purchase at the same price a computer with 250 GB HDD. In addition to the advantages of the Ubuntu system, he was also offered a much larger HDD.

Translated by Aliona Soltan