How to get rid of tightness after cheating people?


Hello! I have some memories that clicks my soul, I have made some income through cheating and, actually through unhappiness of others. Now, as time goes, i do not believe I could do it again, but sometimes I remember of those days and I can not be peaceful. Is there any method to help me to get rid of these tightness and to reconcile my heart?

Yes, of course God determined to get rid of oppression and to reconcile your heart on goods or money that comes from acts condemned by God. First, you must confess your sin to the person or people you cheated from and apologize for what you did.

In the epistle of James there is written to confess each other the sins and to confess, firstly, means to recognize and to apologize. Then, do not stop here, but look how you can return and recover what you have stolen or acquired by deceit and misery of others. Here is what one of the laws of the Old Testament said for those who stole:


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