How necessary are the sound systems for churches?



Good afternoon! I have a perplexity, I see more and more churches equipped with professional audio systems. Equipment prices are not exorbitant, but however those money could be used to do something else. What is your opinion about the sound systems’ mounting in churches, are they really useful?

Biserica are nevoie de sisteme de sonorizare

 There is a preconceived opinion, according to which the call of the church is to be just a charitable organization. First of all the church is the assembly of all the disciples of Jesus Christ who gather together and learn to guard everything that Lord Jesus Christ commanded. During church services there is preached the Gospel and the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. Some communities (local churches) have few people, but others thousands and tens of thousands of members. Therefore, the sound systems are absolutely necessary if we want every Christian and visitor to hear and understand the word of God that is preached.

 The sound systems are also necessary for the worship quality through singing to provoke and help every Christian to take part to this worship. However it is true that when the sound is exaggerated, the Christians cease to participate to such kind of worship. May God help us to wisely use the modern technologies for the preaching of the Gospel and for the widening of his Kingdom.


Translated by Olga Dron