Pictures from the EFNL Camp 2009

It was the end of the EFNL (English for a New Life) Camp, which lasted 10 days. Together with those 250 participants of all ages we learnt English, computer and biblical course “Lord, heal my hurts”. Anyone who wanted to study with us was welcome, even if in the beginning we planned to make a camp for 180-200 people.

Grupul de Profesori studiază limba Engleză după manualul EFNL la tabără

Along with us came two groups of teachers from public schools.

One group learnt English, and the other studied computer, ie Word processor.

Grupul de profesori studiază programul Word la tabăra EFNL 2009

Dna Maria Răzmeriţă în prim plan în clasa de computere

The effectiveness of our camp is due to the group of U.S. teachers who come every year to help us, for which we are very grateful.

Erik Brewer predă în grupul său la tabăra EFNL 2009

The presence of a large number of teachers from Moldova, the USA and England allowed us to make the studies very effectively dividing the students in small groups.

In the process of learning a big emphasis was put on communication, reading and writing.

I thank God a lot for the opportunity to make this camp and all the teachers and organizers who have sacrificed their time and resources to serve others. Let us pray for the possibility to have such camps next year as well.

I invite all participants to write their impressions about the camp and to thank by names the teachers who have taught them. I also invite the teachers to tell their impressions and appreciation they have for their students.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru