Patriotism and a worm thinking

I have written an article about patriotism on the site Moldova Creștină and someone published a comment with the following joke:

Two worms – a father and a son were rummaging among the garbage pile.

-Father, the son addresses his father, is it good in the apple?

-It is good, son.

-What about orange?

-It is very good, a real paradise!

-Then, why do we rummage among this garbage pile?

-You know, son, there is such a definition as Motherland

I have met this joke before on another site and I was very angry with it. But this time, because I administer this site Moldova Creștină, I wanted to delete it, then I thought it would be better to touch the meaning of this joke in a deeper way.

I suppose that those who made it up wanted to show that they didn’t have a worm way thinking, but they proved the contrary. Why do I say this?

The worm is a parasite

Either it is in his county or in other one, it always spoils. It begins the damage and it continues it. A worm never contributes to the growing quality of a thing, it does no good things, it only alters and decomposes. After all, the garbage is the work of the worms. And then, after they change the place they are into a garbage pile, they aim at other qualitative places to profit and to spoil them. Worms will always aim at apples and oranges. Have you ever had potatoes or any other vegetables for a longer period of time in the cellar and then you could find worms in them? If you don’t clean that place quickly and if you do not throw those worms out, they will soon affect all other vegetables and fruits from the cellar, either they are apples or oranges or any other qualitative products. Sometimes they affect even the onion, they get to it and alter it very quickly. So, the worm is a parasite that spoils what it has at home and wherever it goes.

Those who think like a worm look for their own good and they spoil every place they live or go to

People that have such kind of thinking never think to do something beautiful and good for their country, for people that live near them, for those who work with them or study in the school they have studied. If they are healed in a hospital and look through the window of that hospital and see the garbage from the yard, they don’t think how to clean or to help cleaning that place when they get out, but they mock when they are in the hospital and then when they get out, they mock it even more. If they manage to leave the country for a better financed place, they are not thankful again. I remember how I and my wife were in United States of America once, and it happened to drive the car of such a person. He began to mock the Americans, that they were so and so, etc. My wife couldn’t afford that and she told him: “Sir, then why do you stay here and torment yourself? Go to your country and live as you want.” He didn’t like it and kept silent…

The American state offers all kind of social aid to all people that immigrate there. So, the immigrants receive some compensation for food, house and other vital needs monthly. During this time, the state facilitates all possibilities so that the immigrants may study at school and get a job. After they are hired, they receive no more help, because they are expected to pay the taxes, so that other immigrants may be helped. But there are very many who think like worms and do their utmost to keep this social aid for their whole life and working illegally they continue complaining that they are not able to work. So, as I have said before, a worm does not change his thinking, either he is in a garbage pile or in an orange.

Those who think like a worm are scornful

Once I and my wife were in Amsterdam waiting for the airplane to arrive at home. But, the flight was put off that evening and all passengers had to stay at a hotel from the city for a night. Because we stayed together the whole day, there was a group of young people that were coming home from a USA trip.I asked them how it had been and one of them replied very arrogantly: “Americans have problems with the gene pool”. He meant that many of them were backward and we were smarter. I told him that we had visited that country before, but we had seen other things, good, very attentive, friendly and hospitable people. Then they agreed that Americans were hospitable, because they lived in Americans’ homes. In the evening, when we arrived at the hotel, we had the dinner payed by the company, but there were also alcoholic liquors, that were for money. Then, our guys that “had no problems with the gene pool” drank as they much as they could and of course they behaved terribly. In the morning, when we had to go to the airport, we could not get out because they had no money to pay for the liquors they had drunk, that was a lot of money. They had to collect all money, to take the money from the girls that were with them in that group, so that they might leave the hotel for the airport.

Our country is not a pile of garbage, but it is the way the poem says “a poetic realm” and “a piece of paradise”. It is true that the worm thinking affected many people and they want to change it into a pile of garbage. Don’t be one of them. Do your best for the wealth and the prosperity of your country.

Translated by Felicia Djugostran