What should you do if the pastor doesn’t entrust you a ministry because of speaking in tongues?


How can I know my spiritual gift (talent) if I am not entrusted to do anything in the church even though I asked and the pastor knows it, but he did not do anything. I think because I told him about my experience with God, that I was baptized with the Holy Spirit and I speak in tongues but I have never shown this and I am not going to show, because I understand that this gift does not build others. Advise me what to do, because I want to serve Christ with all my heart although I do this from person to person. And yet I wish to work in the church of the Lord but I am not allowed. What should I do? Should I no longer share with my pastor my experience with God? Well, God was gracious to me and revealed Himself in a way that does not please the Baptist religion, so what should I do? I wish God revealed Himself to all people at least even as He appeared to me, this is not a boast but even if it were, in Christ I have all the freedom. I tell you that day and night, either at work or home, wherever I am, I always think of the Lord. I read the Bible daily, listen to sermons and Christian music and if I talk to someone I speak only about my Lord and He is a witness that I do not lie. I tell you that I never tell lies and I think I have not sinned willingly almost for a year and all this since I was baptized by Jesus. Amen.

It is true, Baptists believe that man is baptized with the Holy Spirit at the new birth, when he enters the New Covenant with Jesus Christ. To say that someone is baptized with the Holy Spirit only when he speaks in tongues, is to say that other Christians who do not speak in tongues are not baptized with the Holy Spirit and therefore are not saved. Concerning the speaking in tongues, Baptists believe that there is such a gift and that it continues to be a sign to unbelievers today, but only as it was manifested at Pentecost, when the apostles spoke in unlearned tongues and unbelievers heard the Gospel message in their language and so, they believed and were converted to Christ. What you think comes in direct contradiction with the doctrine of the Baptist Church and I suppose you had this experience which you call “speaking in tongues” and you also call it “baptism with the Holy Spirit” only after you had communicated with people from other denominations and took over their way of thinking and doctrines.

My advice is to approach your pastor and ask him to teach the necessary doctrine on this topic and ask him all questions you have. And if you stick to the beliefs that you have now, then I think it is good to transfer to a church of the confession that shares the same doctrine which you are led by now.

It is fully understandable and explicable the reluctance of the pastor to entrust you a service as long as you do not share the doctrine of the church in which you are a member now.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru