Why doesn’t the Orthodox Church accept musical instruments during its services?


I have an unclearness: why the Orthodox Church does not play musical instruments during the services?



I think it is good to hear the answer right from the Orthodox Church ministers. Cocosila Adrian wrote an article on this and besides other arguments he said that the instruments were excluded to make the Christian participate in worship and not just be a spectator.


The fact is that most ancient theologians insisted on exclusion of instruments in Christian worship, argumenting that the instruments were widely used in worship and pagan celebrations. John Chrysostom pleaded exclusively for voice singing and said in a sermon:

You have ended being the flute and zither of the Holy Spirit. And while the others sang to the devil you through your stay here making yourselves spiritual bodies and spiritual musical instruments, have allowed the Holy Spirit in your souls to sing and to instill in your hearts grace.  That is why it sounded as a very beautiful song that cheered not only the people, but also the powers above.

But in another sermon John Chrysostom categorically opposed worshiping with instruments:


      Do you want to see that God hates ministry with tambourines, with harps and other musical instruments? Depart from Me, says the Lord, the sound of your songs; I do not want to hear the song of your musical instruments. “God says:Depart from Meand you run to hear the trumpets?


I find excluding instruments in Christian worship lacking biblical arguments. I wrote an article on this. However, when the sound of music played on instruments is overly loud, it seems that people are discouraged to participate in the worship through songs and I’d rather just sing with the voice.