Only He has the power to do me justice.

Today, passing in front of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, I saw how in front of it was a woman with a lot of written boards similar to those used for a strike, and at the same time the woman had two other signs hanging around her neck. I was curious to know what that woman was doing alone in front of the Parliament, waiting for an answer “from up there,” because usually strikes and protests are made in groups. I approached her and asked her what had happened, what was the purpose of her presence there.

The grieving but not desperate woman told me that her son was wrongfully convicted, was imprisoned for awhile then released, but the case is still open and that means her son will go to jail again, but this time this not for a short time, but for a very long time.

Since June, this woman has been coming in front of the Parliament every day with the hope that the President will do her justice, because only he has this power in this case. For almost 3 months she waited with no answer, yet she kept coming to get justice.

I promised her that I would come another day to talk longer. When parting I couldn’t help but tell her about the One who keeps all things under control and that only He can do justice. This woman had struggled to get her son released, but to no avail. I told her with great passion that God is the One who does righteousness and help comes from Him, she must turn her eyes to Him and call for help, entrust this matter to Him, and He will bring victory in a way she can’t even imagine now.

Maybe many of us are in a similar situation, maybe you are the one who is wronged and you are fighting hard to get justice. Maybe you were wrongfully accused and now you have to pay dearly; maybe your virginity has been stolen; maybe you are one who works hard but is not paid according to what is done, and the one who changes from one place to another receives more salary than you; maybe …… (and the list continues). All your tears and prayers have not changed the situation, but everything is going from bad to worse. I would like you to know that every situation in human life is under God’s control, not a hair falls without His will. In Psalm 26:1-2 it says:

Vindicate me, Lord, for I have walked in my integrity, and I have trusted in the Lord without wavering. Examine me, Lord, and put me to the test; Refine my mind and my heart. (Psalms 26:1-2 NASB)

The Lord will surely do you justice if your heart is pure. The psalmist argues why the Lord would want to do him justice. The man who demands justice must walk in innocence, trust in God, and must always search his heart to see if it is pure or full of hidden sins, and ask for forgiveness. Another thing that makes God come to the aid of a person is that he walks in the truth of God, that is, he studies the Bible every day and applies what he has learned.

For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for prosperity and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. (Jeremiah 29:11 NASB)

Translated byDidina Vicliuc