Is it okay for a girl of 15 to get married?


Lately, in our schools, girls, especially those of gypsy decent, marry before they graduate from High School. This means that most of them are between 15 and 16 years old. This does not just happen among gypsy girls (most of whom are required by their parents to marry at such a young age). There are also girls our age who already have children at 17. I want to know what the Bible says about such marriages and if they are permissible. Does God give any insights on this phenomenon?

I previously wrote an article entitled, “What is the best age for marriage?”. Much of the answer to the author of the above question can be found in the link that I attached. I will add to the answers and a new perspective since the author of the question of this article is female.

I do not know why parents insist on their daughters marrying young. I know that among the gypsy culture, virginity is prized and I imagine that their parents are afraid because of this immoral culture in which we live, that the girls may end up losing their virginity before marriage. Therefore, they encourage the girls to marry young in order to maintain their purity. Girls who are this young must be ready to take on their role and responsibility in marriage. This is also true for young men as well.

I must once again mention that the Bible does not specify an age for marriage. According to our country’s legislation, males can marry at 18 and females 17. This is the minimum age when young people are mature enough to take on the responsibilities of marriage. Sadly, many adults who are well advanced in age and should be mature enough to marry, get married and show that they are not yet mature enough to take on the responsibilities.

There was a young man who came to me and asked for advice on this very subject. He wanted to marry a girl who was in her last year of High School. I advised him to wait until she graduated and then ask for her hand in marriage. This young man listened to my advice and during the final year of school, some very negative things emerged about the girl’s character, things that would have made his marriage miserable if he would have married her.

Translation by: Erik Brewer