Listening is worth more than anything – Editorial Radu Blendarencu

I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t watch with concern and heartbreak at everything that is happening in the world. We try to listen to the state authorities who urge us to stay at home, if we want this crisis to pass faster. I remember how, as a child, after any injury we received during our childhood games, the doctor warned us that if we stayed at home, we would recover faster. But the lack of wisdom at the time meant that we did not listen to doctors, and we quickly went out to play, thus aggravating the injuries, and respectively prolonging the recovery time. Moreover, I put my parents in extra expenses, and wasted time, and that’s just because I didn’t listen to doctors. But then I was a child. But now some of us behave exactly like disobedient people. I am amazed to see how some who claim to have divine immunity do not respect the authorities of the state, although they claim that in their righteousness, they can avoid this disease which has neither confession nor boundary.

Why should we play by faith when it is already proven that the best measure of protection at the moment is self-isolation? And does not the Savior, Jesus Christ, say that the greatest commandment is to love God with all your strength and mind, and your neighbor as yourself? Or, when you do not obey the state that in these conditions tries to reduce the effects of this virus, it is called rebellion and disobedience. And this is not pleasing in the eyes of God. Certainly such cases of “bravery” are not pleasing to God. And if you spread your love for your neighbor as a servant of God, urge him to stay home, read the Holy Scriptures, and spend time in prayer with his family. It’s the nicest thing you can do.

In addition, God blessed us to live in an age of information technology. Why don’t the ministers of some denominations in our country use them wisely to interact with the parishioners. We need to understand the situation we are going through. Every soul in our country is of great value. If God values human life, why do we often ignore it and expose it to danger? Isn’t it wiser to listen now, to act at the moment as the authorities urge us to do? And together we will overcome this pandemic crisis victoriously.

Great people of God were isolated at some time during epidemics and pandemics, and this helped them to be effective again as they passed. So there is nothing dangerous about staying home, and more than that, urging people to do the same. If you love your neighbor, then you do not expose him to danger in the name of a tradition, but for the good of him and his family you urge him to wait at home.

Moreover, as a leader, you must be an example in everything you do, and obedience must be part of the character of any servant.

We are all going through a difficult period in history. That is why unity and obedience will help us work together for good, loving our families and our neighbors. No matter how great our intentions, our value now is to stay home. This is the only way we can protect ourselves and save lives !!

Translated by Didina Vicliuc