Liber (Free) Newspaper got to 100 print edition

Liber (Free) Newspaper team is celebrating a special event – we got to 100 print edition. This is a great achievement for us and here’s why.

This newspaper has begun at the desire to bring a new element in the media – promoting Christian, national and general human values. Not that it would be a new thing for mass-media, but it seems that lately, under various pretexts, many times things are presented so that they seriously affect some values.

This thing can not be achieved without a team of righteous journalists, who report the truth and are faithful to those values which are faith, nation, family, justice, etc. Therefore, several years ago, I presented this vision to a youth group whom I motivated to learn journalism. So they went to different universities to do their studies and founded the Liber Newspaper when they were still freshers and began to write, without having an office, resources or any remuneration. And they have been writing up to today. Many of those who were interviewed have been surprised greatly when they learned that we do not have an office, a sponsor and that all journalists work voluntarily.

At this, I want to express my gratitude to each of them for the contribution they made. As chief editor, Ionel Druta, has made much effort to register the newspaper and to coordinate it until now. Radu Blendarencu and Ludmila Deliu are those who have achieved the highest number of interviews with various personalities. Social compartment was provided with articles of Catherine Stepaniuc, Alina Druta, Felicia Rotaru, Tatiana Cioconari. I thank editors Rodica Filat, Tatiana Colesnic, Valentina Stepaniuc and Aurica Guzun. Maria Banzari and Lenuta Blendarencu designed the layout of the newspaper. Oxana and Alexei Tentiuc, Doina Barsan and Sergiu Filat have recently begun to write interesting articles. I thank my wife Anastasia who wrote practical articles. I thank accountants Ciprian Sarivan and Profira Gradinaru. There are still many others through whose efforts we could get to this number 100 of Liber (Free) Newspaper.

I thank readers without whom our newspaper doesn’t make sense and also I thank all those who contributed through interviews, articles, questions, criticisms and suggestions so that we can make the newspaper interesting and practical.

I can not but thank the members of the Church “Bunavestirea” (Good News) that I minister for the large contribution they made to print the newspaper and for their efforts to bring the newspaper to 1500 readers weekly.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru