Let’s not destroy children’s lives

We want blessing on our country, but it is not coming. Or we want blessing on our families, but this time it doesn’t come either, precisely because we don’t want to understand that our spiritual decisions directly affect us. I also went through the school years, but I don’t remember ever celebrating events dedicated to occultic forces, or immoral events. I am referring first of all to the fact that most schools will celebrate Halloween, and then celebrate Dragobete. Both of these so-called holidays, practically already imposed to be celebrated, seriously affect the young generation that is already so tempted. 

I feel sorry for today’s young people, when I think about their future. In addition to the fact that they are slowly but surely becoming slaves to telephones and the internet, holidays like the ones mentioned above also destroy their innocence and future. To our great grace, we did not have such a thing. All we knew was to learn and run in the yard, and today’s young people fell prey to false modernism and this real evil industry with macabre accessories: masks, vampire costumes, skeletons, devils or ghosts. The children dress up and go caroling, from house to house, the hosts being forced to receive them and give them candies, otherwise they risk being scared by the participants. And other, braver young people go to graveyards on Halloween night and have fun doing occultism and spiritism. Here is a picture that for some seems innocent, but which in reality has a great spiritual weight and obviously with serious consequences on those involved. 

Let us not be surprised that we have a rebellious generation, whose vocabulary and behavior lack the basic aspects of common sense. The management of educational institutions should, in my opinion, not accept in any form such “holidays” that destroy the lives of our children. Moreover, I met teachers who gave another name to this event, but obviously the essence is the same. The main excuse and motivation of those who resort to such events is that they just have a little fun. Such fun will bring a curse on everyone involved. No matter how harmless such a manifestation may seem at first sight, and no matter how much joy it may bring to the children, a fact for which many parents are confused, its content takes us into the world of darkness, not into the kingdom of light. The subtlety of evil in its content is great because it embodies one of the many methods of deception used by the devil, and is best suited for the indiscriminate souls of children. And when they disguise themselves in evil appearances it is not an application to good and beauty, but to the image of the devil, and the phrase “trick or treat” is not a simple game, but an adherence to the work of evil, with unsuspected consequences, emotionally and behaviorally. And then we wonder why the young generation behaves so vulgar, rebellious, and lacking in common sense. The apostle Peter exhorts us, “Be sober and vigilant. Your opponent the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion looking for [someone] to devour.” This is exactly what the devil wants to do through these evil manifestations, but which we have adorned with words like “cultural and educational manifestations.”  

May God give us much discernment to tell people about the evil implications of such events, and give them the alternative of Jesus, who calls us to light, peace, joy, and hope. 

Translated by Liza Bîrlădeanu