Let’s keep our country clean

Lately, wherever you go, you can find a lot of rubbish and dirt, in any public place except the central park. This is starting to suffocate us all, but at the same time, things are not changing. There is a lack of common sense and healthy thinking. A wise man will not behave like this with his own things, much less will he behave like this with his neighbor’s things. Perhaps this is because the communist system taught us that the common assets, which are also the property of the state, are only for a group of servants of the people. But we can’t go on like this. We are a Christian people and we cannot live like pagans, we cannot allow such a mess in our country and we must intervene to clean our country. Change must start with our way of thinking and attitude.

It is true that there are few rubbish bins on the streets and also there are few public toilets. But here is what God teaches His people in the book of the Holy Bible about keeping public places clean:

“You shall also have a place allocated outside the camp, so that you may go out there to relieve yourself, and you shall have a spade among your tools, and it shall be when you sit down outside, you shall dig with it and shall turn and cover up your excrement. Since the Lord your God walks in the midst of your camp to save you and to defeat your enemies before you, your camp must be holy; so He must not see anything indecent among you or He will turn away from you. (Deuteronomy 23:12-14 )(NASB)

When someone leaves a mess in a public place, it is an offense and disrespect to the rest of the people who will ever go there again. I think you experienced this when you went to the park, or maybe you wanted to go on a picnic with friends and it took you a long time to find a suitable place because there was only mess and garbage everywhere. This text in the Bible shows us that leaving a mess in public places upsets not only people but also God, who wants to live in our midst — a nation that claims to be Christians. He gave us a very beautiful country and we behave like bad children, with contempt. It’s not good that way and we have to change the state of things.

Together with the instructors and students of the National Taekwon-Do Federation (GTF) we decided to go on September 22 to clean up the Rose Valley Park. We communicated about this to the Mayor General of Chisinau, Mr. Dorin Chirtoaca, who was happy with this initiative and will provide us with the necessary tools and transportation that we will need that day. We invite you to join us, to clean the park and then, all together to cherish our country and keep it clean and beautiful. God help us with this.

I was happy to see last Saturday how the associations of veterans and people with physical disabilities took the initiative and went to clean the lake that is at the exit from the city, in the direction of the airport, on the right side. I was very moved when I saw the initiative of these people and I pray that all people will take it.

Translated by Ina Croitoru