Learn to do good and to seek justice

“Divide and conquer,” the Latins used to say in ancient times before subjugating other nations. This proverb over the years has been elevated to the rank of principle and used by some people to bring hatred into society. Although we are such a small country, those who have led us managed to divide us, by the language we speak, by the geographical areas in which we were born, by the religious affiliation we have and, not lastly, according to political preferences.

Although we have grown up as a country, we face many challenges. Someone wants to divide us as a people so tried throughout history, just to later, easily, rule over us. Different actions have been tried against our country over the years, actions that have unfortunately managed to divide us so much. And the very role of a politician is to be a balance and to build bridges to make our country a place to be proud of. Instead of joining forces to contribute to the well-being of the few people who choose to remain in the Republic of Moldova, we have all been involved in political struggles.

The struggle for power is natural, but as in any competition there are rules that we must follow, and if we do not want to, sooner or later we will suffer, because above all events is a God from which no one can ever hide anything and at the right time He will intervene. Those who are put in charge have a great responsibility to do justice, that is why I pray that in these moments in which we are, those who are involved in this situation will do justice. God promises in His Word, “It will be well with those who judge righteously, and a great blessing will come upon them,” and people who only divide to rule will have great downfalls.

Let no one forget that doing justice and judgment is more pleasing to the Lord than anything, that is why the mission of every politician is by no means to divide. The Bible says that every politician has some obligations. First of all, learn to do well. Do well by just telling the truth and being as simple as possible in communicating with people. Do well, being an open book for those who voted for him and the first in good deeds. Another thing that will contribute to the unity of the country is when every politician will do justice and protect the law of the country in which he lives. Precisely because no day we live is in our hands, every hour is a gift from God, so let’s examine our deeds depending on this truth.

Translated by Liza Bîrlădeanu