Journalists – preachers that draw the largest audience

It is sure that journalists are preachers that draw the largest audience. But here is what reality shows up…

Lack of values

Most journalists don’t have a set of well determined values. In this way, they are those who promote this undetermined system or better said, a system with no values and in this way, they destroy the values that have been once. Two days ago I discussed with a famous doctor from the country, who is a very educated and erudite man. He told me very indignant how a Russian TV broadcast declared that every the second or the third woman has a suitor and some of these women were interviewed. In this way, those journalists were promoting immorality and infidelity in marriage directly and indirectly. If faithfulness in marriage was a value for them, then they would have interviewed women who were faithful to their husbands and in this way they could have promoted fidelity and not immorality. I think that would be a good example how journalists destroy the existing values. What kind of journalist are you? One who promotes or destroys human values?…

The largest audience

Is there any priest that preaches the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to such an audience, as each journalist has daily at radio, TV and newspapers? All these mass media means allow the communication of the message to a whole nation, or at least to a number pf people, whose number overtakes that of those who attend the church.

The involvement of the priests in journalism

The priests who are aware of this reality will try to be involved in journalism and to preach the message of the Gospel through these means of mass-media, in an evident way, fulfilling people’s needs.

Upright journalists will preach the truth

An upright journalist is the one who presents the truth and promotes good. That’s why, it is important for each journalist to study the Holy Scriptures, the Word of God, that is declared the truth by Jesus Christ when he was praying for His disciples:

Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth. (The Gospel of John 17:17)(NASB)

The end of the school year is close and I would like to urge all of those who graduate the Hign School this year to think about their future job, to meditate upon what I have written in this article. If you are conscious of the calling of Jesus Christ to bring the Gospel to the nation where He placed us and to the ends of the world and if you think that He has given you the required abilities, you should go to the faculty of journalism!

Translated by Djugostran Felicia