Is it a sin the performance of illusionists and magicians?


Can we call sin what illusionists and magicians do today? Are they in the same category as sorcerers?

I do not think it is appropriate to qualify these tricks as sin, although I suppose some of them may turn to evil forces. For the most part, I know that the tricks that these people perform are fully covered in the laws of physics and are based just on the invention of interesting mechanisms and use of hand techniques.

I have a friend in Georgia that was one of my students at the Inductive Bible Study Institute. Before he returned to Christ he had used to play at cards for money and he had learned to handle the playing cards so well, that he could do many tricks that illusionists perform in circus and he even showed us how to do some of them and there was no sorcery, just hand techniques that were well trained.

However, games of cards and gambling are sins and evil practices and God’s saints will always stay away from such practices and from any sorceries, that are categorically condemned by God.

But what does the reader think about this?

Translated by Felicia Rotaru