Is it good to study at the faculty of History


I am 16 years old and I study at a Math-Informatics profile high school. I made a mistake submitting an application to this high school, not knowing how difficult it can be. Now I want to move to a high school with a philological profile … I really like Romanian and History and after graduating the high school I want to study at the History faculty. Do you consider that the following professions have a future?As I understood many of them are poorly paid in Romania… College graduates will be able to operate in: research, archival (National Archives, county and central), museology, archeology, diplomacy, cultural institutions, media, political parties and structures of government and nongovernmental organizations.

Firstly I advise you to look at things from another perspective, namely, to think what profession you should choose to serve people most effectively for their own good. This will bring joy and fulfillment to you. Of course, the salary you will receive can not leave you indifferent, but do not make it a priority and do not put it on the first place. Ask yourself what are your values and what you want to live your life for. Think well at these questions and then choose the profession according to the responses you will give.

By the way, History is the first faculty at which I studied. The greatest benefit is that there for the first time I was urged to read the Bible and so I found out about Lord Jesus and the Way of Salvation. After History Faculty I studied the faculty of theology, that means I studied God’s Word and all together they helped me to get into the essence of events that happen today to make right decisions on how to serve people.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru