Is it a sin to change your religion for a woman?


Is it a sin to have a relationship with a man who was married and has a child? He was left by his wife for another man and they are not divorced yet. He wants to remarry (he is 24 years) but his religion does not allow him. He likes me, and I like him too but I refused to have a relationship with him because we are of different religions. He agrees with my religion and he said that he would come with me to church and change his religion. Is it a sin to change your religion for a woman?

The Bible says very definitely that Christians can marry “only in the Lord” , i.e. only a Christian man who is born again and lives according to the Sacred Scriptures. Marriage to a man of another religion is a serious violation of the New Covenant in which you entered when you became a Christian and you were born again (if you were).

If anyone changes his religion only to marry someone this is a despicable thing. One should change his religion only when it does not help in any way to gain forgiveness of sins and inheritance of eternal life and this can be done only through Jesus Christ who said that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life and that nobody can come to the Father except through Him.

If you are not yet saved you urgently need to read the Scriptures and believe wholeheartedly in the Lord Jesus, to repent and be born again to receive the Holy Spirit. Then, look for a church with people who are born again and know that this does not limit you to one denomination. God has not given to any denomination the monopoly on the kingdom of heaven. True Church is not just a religion or another one, but the Assembly of Those Redeemed through the Blood of Jesus Christ and were born again. Moreover, Lord Jesus said that nobody can see and enter the kingdom of heaven unless one is born again. So, the Church is made up of born again people.

Tell that man to rush to know Lord Jesus, read the Scriptures, to repent and be born again.

Then, make effort to go to his wife (you say that he has not yet divorced) and tell her the Gospel and how important it is to repent and believe wholeheartedly in Jesus and dedicate her life to God. If there are possibilities, encourage him to make peace with her and to restore the family. This will be the most beautiful and heavenly way how you can do in this situation.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru