Is a Christian allowed to access news sites containing pornographic and erotic advertising?


Lately advertising banners appeared on and pages, showing naked women and erotic images. I understand that a Christian who lives in obedience to God will not access these pages, but is this all we can do? I think that there are other things that we, as Christians, have to do. What do you think in this regard?

I am very saddened by the fact that the websites of TV channels and radio stations have begun to promote indecency and immorality openly and brazenly. They were doing this before too, but more subtle, but now they are doing it without shame and without being stopped by authorities. Here’s what I will do and I think it is important and necessary for every Christian to do regarding this evil phenomenon that has occurred:

  1. Let us pray for repentance and salvation of those who place such advertising and to stop the evil that they are doing to the society.
  2. Definitely not to access these web pages.
  3. Christians must notify the management of the TV and radio stations by email and phone that they will not access their pages until they remove the indecent banners and images.
  4. To notify all your friends, colleagues, church members and all acquaintances about the decision that you have taken and urge them do the same thing, following the example.
  5. To address petitions to the members of Parliament, for whom they have voted, to the Broadcasting Coordinating Council, to the Parliament President and to the Prime Minister.
  6. To make the needing settings on your computer to the program to access Web pages and add the pages of these TV and radio stations to the list of blocked or banned, so that they may not be accidentally accessed by children.

It is very sad that we have reached a time when we need to protect our children from accessing news pages.

What other measures do you consider appropriate?

Translated by Felicia Rotaru