Invest your adolescence – come to Timothy School!

It’s summer and you have a lot of time. It is your time provided by God, but you are the manager responsible for investing it usefully. You can go to a day camp or an overnight camp, you can go to rest with your family or spend time with your grandparents. Of course, you have time to do your summer homework for school, in case you forgot about it.

If you are a Christian teenager who appreciates the time you have this summer and you want to invest a lot of value for yourself, read carefully this article in which there are enough compelling reasons to help you decide to attend Timothy School.

Timothy School is a program of the Institute for Inductive Bible Study within the Precept mission. It is intended for Christian teenagers who want to be prepared and equipped for life and work.

Here are the benefits and blessings of this program for every teenager:

1. Preparation as a leader for discipleship

The school curriculum was written and thought out in response to a great need in the evangelical Christian world to invest intensively in Christian adolescents and young people. This Institute is renowned worldwide for its success in training effective leaders in discipleship. The program includes 6 main modules, over 2 years, of 3 Bible study courses in each session, practical activities and enough opportunities for young people to decide for a life dedicated to the Lord.

2. An effective method of studying the Bible

The method of inductive Bible study is effective in deepening and understanding the biblical text. All studies taught in the school curriculum use this method. You will be taught step by step how to observe, interpret, and apply God’s Word — important steps that will help you grow spiritually each day.

3. Daily discipline in the study of God’s Word

Discipline in Bible study will be another benefit if you enroll in the school curriculum. Adolescents and young people need to learn discipline in many areas, but especially in Bible study. Scripture is the daily spiritual food you need to become a true Timothy. Because you will study 2 interesting courses using the inductive method, you will definitely love Bible study and you will accept this method as one that increases your daily discipline. Every “Timothy” must search the Scriptures, meditate on them day and night, to become worthy of any good work.

4. Teachers who will become your mentors and role models

The teachers who teach at this school are experienced leaders, mature Christians with integrity and a passion for raising a new generation of faithful “Timothy” young people. Each of the teachers will help you fall in love with the Word of God, will guide you step by step in completing the textbook, will answer your questions, but will also be a continuous inspiration for you. Every Timothy needs a Paul to admire and look up to. The teachers at Timothy School are leaders like the apostle Paul from whom he always learned.

5. You will learn discipleship, how to pass on the gospel to others

Discipleship is another fundamental principle of the Timothy School. This verse clearly explains how to make disciples:

And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others. (2 Timothy 2:2 NASB)

At this school you will be taught how to pass on the gospel to other teenagers and young people in your church, the school where you study, how to open a Bible study group in which to pass on the same teachings you learned during school, how to help let your friends know the Lord Jesus in a personal way. Timothy, Paul’s disciple, who was also a young man, was taught how to make disciples, applying the gifts he had, and leaving many disciples behind. You will also learn to do the same. You can become a Timothy with many trusted disciples.

Daily interactive activities and practical tasks in groups or individually are meant to develop leadership skills in each student, to create an entourage in which to highlight all the skills for teamwork, but also to enhance the study process.

6. Practical topics, mentoring, continuous training

The application of what is learned after each module taught will be assisted by the same teachers from the school, who will help you to do well in teaching in your groups. You will be able to communicate directly with each teacher, thus ensuring your continuous training.

If you are a teenager or young person between the ages of 14-18, talk to two members of your church to write a recommendation for you and enroll in Timothy School right now! In the summer, the session for Timothy School takes place in August. For more information and details you can call (+373) 69966779 or write to the e-mail address:

Translated by Didina Vicliuc