Indecency is immorality and not “normality”

As early as 2004, billboards began to appear on the streets of Chisinau with pronouncedly indecent images. The inhabitants of this city wrote many letters addressed to the City Hall, requesting the removal of these panels. I also wrote such a letter with my family. I greatly appreciated the discernment of the then interim mayor, Mr. Vasile Ursu who immediately intervened with correct actions. I was puzzled and saddened to watch this report on ProTV, which I ask you to watch, before expressing my opinion on what is happening.

We cannot allow immorality to be officially promoted

The current mayor, Mr.  Dorin Chirtoaca said: “What concerns morality is something that is not discussed at the official level…”  This phrase leaves us in utter perplexity as to the values ​​and discernment behind it. In all ages, morality has been discussed, promoted and officially defended. What awaits us if we have reached times when morality has come to be considered a “taboo” subject or should not be discussed at the official level? On the other hand, immorality is officially promoted – as evidenced by these indecent billboards.  And if indecency had not begun to be promoted officially through these panels, it would not have given rise to such reactions from people of good faith and who base their lives on moral values. Just when morality is under attack, there is a need to defend its values ​​at the official level, which we intend to do further.

God likes beauty

Another phrase said by Mr. Dorin Chirtoaca, to defend the panels with indecent images was: “What is beautiful even God likes…”  Let’s see what God says about these images on the panels, which are considered “beautiful” by the mayor. In Paul’s First Epistle to Timothy, God teaches women to be dressed with “proper clothing, modestly and discreetly” (1 Timothy 2:8). When a woman is properly dressed it causes her husband, as well as any other men around her, to look at and treat her with respect, because her clothing is also an expression of the respect she has for those around her and especially for men. The women in the images on these panels are often dressed inappropriately and as the former interim mayor Vasile Ursu expressed himself, they are dressed “with two meanings,” but more pronounced is the second meaning, the sexual one. Thus, the large image on the UNIC store had a woman in whom any man recognized the naughty invitation to debauchery of a corrupt woman. Yes, I’m not mistaken, of a rotten woman.  Because a wise woman will make this invitation to love only to her husband and will never expose herself to other men. About the clothing of the women on that panel, God says that she is “dressed like a whore and with a cunning heart” (Proverbs 7:10).

Caring for drivers or families?

The commentator from ProTV, on a sarcastic note, attributed to Mr. Vasile Ursu the opinion that he would have made this decision in order to protect the drivers. It is an ugly practice, used by ProTV, to influence the public in the desired direction and this is usually one that seeks to destroy human values.  Mr. Vasile Ursu, as interim mayor, recalled the many letters that were sent by citizens, including myself. Not only the attention of drivers is endangered, but also the safety of families who are still in a precarious condition due to migration and especially unbelief in God. In fact, it is no secret that men react to these panels. If he is a wise man, he has to lower his eyes to protect his heart and his relationship with his own wife.  If he is limited in wisdom or lacks discernment, he will “admire” the women on the panels and compare them to his wife. If he has had an insignificant misunderstanding with his wife, or if his wife does not look like the ones in the pictures on the billboards, he will be tempted to think or look for a relationship with a woman like the one on the billboard. Under no circumstances will you be motivated to buy stockings or other products that are advertised in this way. The images on these panels are in no way intended to motivate women to buy those products. Their purpose is to seduce men and, as a result, to destroy families. These panels provoke men’s minds to unfaithfulness to their wives. Jesus said:

“but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” (Matthew 5:28 NASB).

The images on these panels are intended for this purpose, to present foreign women in such a way as to make men lust after them and then to fornicate with them in their hearts. From the fornication committed in the heart it doesn’t take long until the commission. In fact, it is no coincidence that Jesus spoke immediately after these verses about divorce, pointing out that immorality is the root cause of divorce. Find out what the divorce statistics are. Advertising panoramas with indecent images add to this disaster.

ProTV manipulates viewers in promoting immorality

In addition to speaking sarcastically about any correct actions of the previous mayor regarding the billboards, the authors of the report were overly biased in their way of presenting people’s opinion. They put exactly three opinions in support of the panels and one against. Then, they chose three women to speak for and one man against, to show that the previous mayor’s decision was a way to “oppress women.”  If they really decided to report four opinions, why didn’t they choose to have two opinions for and two against, then two men and two women for each of those opinions? The answer is simple. ProTV applies the arithmetic of manipulation with the public and this is a great evil. Too few people notice their manipulation. Don’t be manipulated.

What can you do to prevent the manipulation and spread of immorality?

First of all, you have to take a personal attitude and not be indifferent.  Since you have taken this attitude, you need to express it wherever possible. Write messages to the Mayor, the Prime Minister, the President, those from ProTV, the councilors from the Municipal Council for whom you voted, and ask them to defend your rights, values ​​and family. May God give us discernment in everything and a good and strong heart when it comes to taking action.

Translated by Nicoleta Vicliuc