In Vitro fertilization involves the mass murder of one’s own children

Today I finished to teach the book of Jonah at the Biblical School from Erseke City, Albania and when talking about the fact that there were 120,000 people living in Nineveh who could not distinguish right from left, I explained to students that this was a figure of speech used in the Bible referring to the people who did not distinguish right from wrong. I gave them an example that many people did not know that InVitro fertilization involves mass murder of children and most people who resorted to it did not even suspect what a great sin they committed. I remember when I was in Cahul, I passed a laboratory where tests were made for InVitro fertilization.

Laboratory in Cahul, where IVF is

If you somehow came to the center or are planning to go there, you should know that InVitro fertilization is a major crime, it is mass murder of your own children. If those who make abortion kill their children one by one, those who resort to In Vitro fertilization kill them with tens. God keep you to do these crimes and if you have already done it, hurry up with all your heart to repent and never come back to your past sins.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru