“I have been positively influenced by all the teachers who are here, by their way of serving continually.” INTERVIEW with Eliza Dragan, Taekwon-Do student at the International Mission School

Eliza Dragan finished her second year in the Taekwon-Do faculty at the International Mission School – Precept Ministries Eurasia. Today we’ll find out how the knowledge she gained has influenced her ministry and how she plans to apply what she has learned.

Eliza Drăgan. Şcoala internaţională de Misiune. Taekwon-do

Elena Stoleri: Eliza, you have finished your second year at the International Mission School. What are your impressions of this school?

Eliza Dragan: I think this school is a very good thing. Basically here – if you want, you can get to a level. If you don’t want to, you still get to a level, because it somehow forces you to get to a certain level, even if it’s an average one, but you still get it. If it didn’t force you, it means you are sent home.

S: Can you share some of the things you learned here?

D: I think the first thing is to never give up, even if you don’t get something, you have to do it again and again. Then I learned discipline. Also, in Bible study, I learned not to live only for my own benefit, but to think more about the benefits of others.

S: Has anything changed in your life and in the ministry you do after the first year of study?

D: After the first year, something definitely changed. I have been positively influenced by all the teachers who are here, by their way of serving continually. They are always doing something: camps, teaching at school, and don’t stop at all. For me this was an extraordinary example and I strive to follow this example and continue to do something for God. In addition, I learned many practical things: Taekwon-Do, how to study the Bible, and how to make teaching plans.

S: This year of studies will end soon. What do you plan to do next, after you go home?

D: To continue the groups I have already opened. I want to divide one of the groups in two, because it is already quite big and I want to divide it on several levels. I also want to invest more time in the personal lives of my disciples, because I have realized that this is very important. I want to see which of my disciples are possible coaches for the future.

S: What advice could you give to first-year students or those planning to come to the International Mission School?

D: To those who want to come, they must come! For those who are in the first year, I would first advise them to write everything down, even if the teacher does not say to do so. Especially in training to write down everything: how the teacher explains, the games that are played, the order in which he teaches them, how he explains them the second time they did not understand something, because it will help them know how to teach next year. Then, to do extra work, in addition to training, to do more than required, because that way they can reach a maximum level. Also, in Bible study, it is difficult for many, but I advise them to take it slowly and patiently, because in the end they will learn many things.

E. S: Thanks for the interview, Eliza! May God bless you in your ministry and use you to bring more people to repentance in your country!

Translated by Olya Trikolich