I care too…

Are we living in particularly violent times, where this term is progressing at the personal, family and social levels? It seems that the answer to this question is obvious only by noticing the growing number of wars, killings, terrorist attacks and many other similar actions. The term violence continues its ravages, even if it comes in contact with the progress of civilization. Society, development, evolution and yet, why is this directly proportional index of increasing violence formed? What is missing for a man and what is the source of this hatred manifested to his neighbor?

The world has become an engraved palette of the darkest shades of evil, darkness, sin, revenge, and violence. What is the image we leave on the canvas of time? What will our children inherit or worse, what new colors will they add? Someone said: The decline of a society begins from within it. Following this principle took place the fall of the Msa civilization, the destruction of the Roman Empire and the Osman Empire and the list goes on, bringing a big question mark as to who is next…

A civilization, a society is made up of families that create the basis of a state, we have been taught this since we were little and yet we have not been told what to do to build this home of love and happiness. Due to lack of interest, romance and appreciation, the family is destroyed. And at the root of this terrible collapse is nothing but violence.

Domestic violence, a term that covers a series of brutal actions that include moral, physical, emotional or sexual abuse of a partner, child or the elderly in a home. A problem so widespread, so current that experts in the field believe that the rate of violence is much higher than the statistics show. For example, some surveys conducted by the National Center for Child Abuse and Neglect in the US have estimated that annually in this country alone 2.3% of the total number of children or about 1.5 million children experience parental violence. More than 18,000 children suffer from permanent physical and emotional disabilities due to violence. 56% of those abused are physically abused or emotionally neglected.

Extraordinary! At a time when we have more money, we give less love, now that there are more cars we have less time, now that we are financially fulfilled, our deceived souls long for a drop of love.

But what term could we use to define the situation created in our country, when parents leave their children for an Italy, a Spain, and then return, finding a prostitute, an immoral, a prisoner, a nothing, as happens in many cases… Isn’t this violence? When the needs of the limp and innocent soul of the child are not fulfilled with love, it is only bestialized by what influences it. The young generation can no longer be that channel for the transmission of moral values ​​and principles of life from generation to generation.

People believe that God has forgotten us, I believe that we are the ones who have forgotten God and taken Him out of our lives, lining ourselves with materialism, hatred, suspicion, impertinence and violence. And how long will this continue? The call to wake up seems so desperate, as Mr. Mureșanu mentioned. The Indian leader M. Ghandi said “Non-violence is the first point of my faith,” and I also plead for a revival of love and reconciliation with God. I am sure that a heart full of altruistic love will not only bring peace with God, with oneself, with family members, with society, but will also open in everyone’s heart a source of altruism and dedication, thus marking a change.

Moldova has a future, Moldova can be awakened, Moldova can recreate families with loving husbands, with tender and caring wives and obedient children. Moldova can be an example of non-violence, faith, hope and love… Let God fill your heart with these things, so that you, in turn, can give faith, hope and love.

Translated by Olya Trikolich