“I am glad to be part of this beautiful family, the EFNL family,” Nicoleta Vicliuc

“I repented at the age of 14 at the EFNL English-language camp in 2016. Being from a Christian family, I was taught God’s Word, I knew all the Bible stories, and I did very well in Sunday school. I was a “good” girl, obedient to her parents, exemplary at school. But facing adolescence, I began to isolate myself from God, the church, my family. I was ashamed to say that I am from a Christian family and that I go to church, so my hatred of God began to grow, and this was because I knew Him and knew that the wages of sin is death, so I was always convicted, but I still had bad thoughts. At the EFNL camp, after studying the course “How to Have a Real Relationship with God,” I repented of my sins and received Jesus into my heart, and on August 28, 2016, I was baptized. ” -told the heroine of this week’s article, Nicoleta Vicliuc.

Nicoleta is originally from the city of Hâncești, she is 17 years old and she is an English teacher within the Public Association “English for a new life.” “Sister Natalia Boicu, my mentor and teacher, saw the potential in me and encouraged me to go through the training sessions for English language teachers “EFNL for kids.” Thus, I passed all the sessions and I was actively involved in the events organized by the EFNL association and of course in the EFNL camps. And I have been an English teacher for 2 years now.” – Nicoleta told about how she became an English teacher.

At the moment she teaches English in two villages in the Hâncești district: Pașcani and Bobeica. “In total, I teach 10 children. But, sometimes when a teacher has to be replaced, I end up teaching in the villages of Secăreni and Bălceana. This mission to teach in several villages in the Hâncești district was the vision of teacher Liza Bârlădeanu, and together with the team from Lăpușna: Aliona Soltan, Didina Cravcenco and Aurel Vicliuc who help us with transport, we managed to put it into action.” – Nicoleta told about the work in which she is involved, but besides that she also translates articles in English on the moldovacrestina.md portal.

“After I repented, I had a great desire to serve God. When I was offered the chance to become an English teacher, I was a little scared that I would not succeed, stating that it is too much for me, I will not be able to teach others at only 14 years old as a teenager. But, God worked through more people like Brother Vasile Filat, who encouraged me to take this step. And each step brought with it only blessings and encouragement, after which I managed to say that I serve God. Through this tool, English, I made many friends from all over the world through active involvement in various events (organized by EFNL), day camps, volunteer activities as a translator, seminars, etc. In these 2 years, I had the opportunity to have very beautiful experiences that I didn’t even think about before. I am glad that I became part of this beautiful family, the EFNL family and I thank the Lord for giving me this opportunity. ” – Nicoleta said.

Nicoleta found her true happiness in the service of God. As a person who serves with zeal and dedication, Nicoleta has well-established goals. “In the future, I want to continue to be actively involved as an English teacher in the Public Association “English for a New Life” and to pass all the sessions within EFNL so that I can teach to teenagers and young people. Likewise, I really want to open English language groups in other villages in the Hâncești district and the Lord put the village of Pervomaiscoe on my heart, for which I pray.” – Nicoleta said.

Many of us have something to learn from Nicoleta, the zeal and love with which she serves others, and I am glad that God has blessed me with such a sister!

Author: Aurel Vicliuc

Translated by Olya Trikolich