How to write articles that will be read?

I have received this question from a beginning blogger who writes articles with biblical messages. I think that it is a subject that interests all bloggers and journalists, as long as all those who dedicated themselves to writing. Here is what will make people read some certain articles or publications.

Write relevant articles

Relevant means what brings out or discloses. A relevant article reveals and brings out clearly a certain problem. A relevant article doesn’t explain many subjects, but only one and that is very well presented from all points of view.

Write actual articles

We live in a world that is in a permanent change and move. But there are also some problems or subjects that are discussed very often, and people want to find out more information about them. That’s why, if a blogger or a journalist wants to write actual articles, he has to follow up the events that take place in a society, the ideas that are exposed and then to touch these ideas and the events in the light of truth. And the Lord Jesus said when He was praying to His Father for the disciples:

Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth. (The Gospel of John 17:17)(NASB)

Write according to the needs

In winter, when your feet are frozen and when you go to buy boots, you don’t pay attention to other things that are sold there, but you look insistently for boots. People also look for articles that will fulfill their needs. So, write so that you may fulfill certain needs of people.

Don’t write anything if only you like it

Maybe yo have read, seen or heard some things that you like and you want to share with others. But if they don’t fulfill people’s certain needs, and if they are not actual, they will not have any impact.

Don’t write just for the sake of writing

What does this mean? Let us say that you work as a reporter for a newspaper and you have to publish an article weekly, or you have a blog where you think to publish daily. Because you don’t do researches, because you don’t study people’s needs and problems, when it is the time to publish, you write only “to write in time”, but you don’t even think on fulfilling the reader’s needs. People feel this very well and in a short time they will begin to read you seldom or will leave your newspaper or blog.

Write systematically

As a newspaper or a magazine that has a certain periodicity (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) it is also important for each journalist or blogger to set up a periodicity of his writings. In this way, people know when to come and read it.

Observe your periodicity of writing

Since you have set up a periodicity, observe it and write permanently. It is true that some unexpected things may happen, when you can not write in that certain day. But, it is important to be ready for this. A good reporter and blogger will have interesting and actual articles in reserve, and he will publish them when these unpredictable events may happen.

I invite you to share your opinions about these pieces of advice or others that you apply and that made your articles be read.

Translated by Felcia Djugostran