How to write articles and reportages from the Bible’s view

The Bible is the Word of God and it the absolute truth for all people from all times. Each journalist is called to present the reality and the events in the light of the truth and he has to do this from the Bible’s view. In this article I will share some pieces of advice with the journalists that want to present the truth from the Bible’s view in their articles and reportages. Only in this way we can help people make the difference between what is good and bad, so that they may make correct decisions for their life, for the society and for the country.

Define the subject and the purpose of the article

It is true that many journalists and writers write only for the sake of writing, or for money, or because this became a routine they live in. It is a worthless thing to be such kind of journalist. The true journalist will change the world he lives in and the lives of people for whom he writes with passion.That’s why, choose attentively the subjects you want to touch and define your purpose for each article, interview, etc. Ask yourself: What do I want people to change in their lives after reading this article, interview, etc.?

Search all possible sources

To present the reality, the events, people in an objective way, you have to present many arguments from many sources. That’s why, when you touch a subject, try to find out all you can about that subject and from all possible sources (people, books, documents, photographs, Internet, etc)

Look at what the Bible says concerning the subject you touch

For this, you have to know how to make a Bible study on a subject very well. In this respect, I would like to advise you the book “How to study the Bible?” by Kay Arthur, that will help you enormously. You will find a chapter in this book, where you will learn to make a study on a certain subject step by step.

Use the Biblical Concordance

Biblical Concordance is a kind of guide, where all words that are in the Bible are arranged in an alphabetical order and then, there are indicated all places from the Bible where that certin word is met. So, look for the key word/words that explain the subject you touch and then study them, looking at their context.

Study the Bible permanently

To understand a certain passage from the Holy Scipitures, you have to study the Bible permanently. It is difficult to find it now, but I advise you to find an International Inductive Study Bible, that will help you study the whole Bible and to make a good overview of its message.

Limit yourself concernig the bibllical references

Since you make a Bible study on the subject you touch, you will find many things and passages from the Bible that suit your article well. Limit yourself only to those that have direct dealings with the subject you touch in the article and that will help people have a good and correct understanding of the things.

In this way we will do that what journalist are called to – to present the true reality. May God help us!

Translated by Djugostran Felicia