How to talk when you are invited to an event?

I am a pastor, but public speaking is not just about preaching in church. And this is true not only for pastors or public figures, but for all people. We are all invited to events and we are all more or less invited to speak.

In this short message, I want to share some principles that guide me personally in such situations:

1. Don’t refuse to speak. I find it senseless to refuse when you are invited to speak in public at an event. Unless this is a trap or you have other good reasons not to speak, do not refuse when you are asked or invited to speak in public. If you are a disciple of Christ, consider that you have the opportunity not only to communicate things about the event, but also to speak about the Lord Jesus Christ.

2. Do not abuse the time given. If the organizers or the person inviting you to speak specify the time given to you, do not exceed this time. But even if it will not be specified to you how much time is offered to you, be reasonable and remain within the limits of common sense, so that those who offered you the chance do not regret it, but want to do it again.

3. Speak according to the event. Think carefully about what is at the center of the event, what is being celebrated and make your message come out of it. Don’t talk about other things. If you have little to say, just say the little you have and don’t say other things unrelated to the event, because everything you say superfluously will overshadow the important things you wanted to keep in people’s minds. Let’s say, if you are invited to an organization’s anniversary, talk about the impact that the organization has had on your life and not about you, about others, about I don’t know what other things… Just talk about the impact of that organization on your life.

4. Speak for the people present. Certainly there must be people who have contributed to the cause celebrated at the event. Show appreciation for these people and mention what they did for you, for others, for the celebrated cause. Make sure that none of those present there will be left unnoticed, and especially if there is someone among them who has contributed considerably to your life.

5. Quote the Bible. If you are a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, then the Bible is your leading book and the guide you follow in everything. Think about what fits best in the Holy Book to the event being celebrated and what will bring teaching, encouragement, and comfort to the people gathered. Thus put God and His Son, Jesus Christ, at the center of the event.

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Translated by Didina Vicliuc