How to systematically study the Bible?

Unfortunately, few are the Christians who read the Bible systematically. Reading and studying are different things. And even lower is the number of Christians who study the Bible and most Christians do not study it because they do not know how.

I read the whole Bible before I entered the covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ. Then, after I entered this covenant, I shortly read the Bible again. Then, I was asking everyone the same question – How to systematically study the Bible? Some told me to read a verse and then to meditate on it, which I did not understand how to do and I could not do it. In fact, by this I understood that I need to force my mind to understand something more than what was written in that verse. Then, others advised me to read the comments of other scholars of the Bible. But this didn’t bring me satisfaction and the desired result.

The great change came in the day of my baptism when I was invited by the deacon Pavel Gheorghe to be a guest in his family, there I saw the book “How to study the Bible?”. I asked this book and my friend joyfully gave it to me explaining that in this book was thoroughly explained the inductive Bible study method. Then, he gave me the book “Lord, I want to know You” which is an inductive study on God’s character, designed to be studied in 42 days. It took me 2 days and 2 nights to study it, because I was very eager to study God’s Word and I got a very great satisfaction.

Then I learned that there are a number of inductive Bible study courses entitled “Precept upon Precept”. In this way I studied many books of the Bible. I recommend you to get these materials through which you will learn to systematically study the Bible deeply.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru