How to make greeting cards for the Teacher Day?

Last year, when it was the Teacher Day I have received more greeting cards from my disciples who posted them on the portal Moldova Creștină. Shortly after, that article who had congratulation comments became one of the most visited by those who looked for models to make greeting cards for their teachers. Now, there are poeple who google “greeting cards teachers” daily and in this way, they visit our portal. This shows me that many are interested to prepare beautiful greeting cards for their teachers. So, I decided to write this article to give some advice to help those who want to make beautiful cards for their teachers.

Don’t use patterns

This is the easiest way, to find a beautiful card and to copy its text, changing only two things: the teacher’s name and your name. This card will look good, but it will lack the essence, it will lack the feelings that have to come from your heart. This card will not be from you.

Use models to learn

If you have found or read a good card, study it attentively and find what makes it different. Then, try to see principles, and them use your observation to make a beautiful card, that expresses what is in your heart.

Let gratitude be the center of your greeting cards

The greeting card itself is a manifestation of the gratitude we show to those who have taught or teach us. That’s why, before you make a card to someone, remind certain cases when your teachers helped you and thank them for those cases. I am very thankful to my first teacher, who is my sister Lenuta. She is 7 years older than me and when I was a child, before I went to school, she taught me to read. Then, she was the one who taught me Russian. We had a carpet at home, where there were drawn a bear, some rabbits and other things and Lenuta taught me these words in Russian. Once, when my parents came home, they were impressed how much Lenuta taught me. Then, when other people came to visit us, both my mother and my father called me to their table and they gave me a newspaper, asking me proudly: “Vasilica, read a little, please.” People were very surprised that I was able to read before I went to school. Lenuta taught me many useful and interesting things. Then, my first teacher at school was Maria Tverdohleb who taught me to write well and to count, that’s why, I am very thankful to her. Natalia Banari, our class leader, who was a Russian Literature teacher too had a special impact on me and on my classmates. I am very thankful to her because she made us an united class and tried to grow up beautiful characters in us. She grew up me as a confidential person, because she entrusted me many things. I thank her that when she had difficult situation in her family, when her children where sick, she had so much trust in me, that she sent me a note to ask me to go to her classes and teach her students, so that others may not know that she didn’t come. My sister, Lidia taught me to fight to sacrifice with all I have for those whom I love, and my sister Profira, used her example to teach me to be close to those whom I love when they are in strained circumstances. I consider these very essential teachings in life. After my mother’s death, when I wanted nothing and I discontinued to go to school, my uncle, Nicolae, who took us to his home, when he came back from work he talked to me and disciplined me to come to my senses and go back to school. I am very thankful to him that he didn’t leave me in those difficult times for me, abut he drew me back, even if he had to do it with discipline and severity. My cousin, Ion Bubuioc noticed, maintained and nourished always my desire to learn. He was a student and he had limited resources, but when he came in the village, he was always buying me dictionaries, encyclopedias and other expensive books that helped me to learn more. Then, when I came in the city, he helped me to look for a Taekwon-Do section, that was forbidden then. The instructor Ion Cheptene taught me Taekwon-Do, became a very good friend of mine and then, he led me to Jesus Christ. I am very thankful to him for this. Then, I had the grace to meet a special couple, Mia and Costel Oglice, who are exceptional teacher of God’s Word and who became my mentors and spiritual teachers. They have always been a great example to me and a model of dedication for me. And I can continue enumerating people in this list, but I used these examples to express my gratitude for these people and, at the same time, to give an example to the reader how he could thank his teachers for some certain things.

Don’t be un-thankful

God relates us in the Bible a case when the Lord Jesus healed ten lepers, but only one of them came back to thank him. This is the reality, even sadder. Many times teachers told me that after they had taught thousand students, there is only one or two who remembers them at the holidays to send them a greeting card. Don’t be one of them.

Make a discipline to be thankful

Make a list with all teachers who taught you and make a greeting card to send them at Teacher Day. I have such a list on my computer and I don’t have to prepare it yearly, only to add people who continue to teach me. Find out the phone numbers of the teachers, and call them in that Teacher Day, or at their birthdays, call them and congratulate them using beautiful words. When you pass by their localities, go and visit them and make them a gift from the things God gave you, as the Holy Scripture says:

The one who is taught the word is to share all good things with the one who teaches him. (Galatians 6:6)(NASB)

It is true that this text refers to those who taught and teach you from the Word of God, but it will not be wrong if you help other teachers of yours, who taught you useful life things and so, you became who you are. Be always thankful to those who have taught you.

Translated by Felicia Djugostran