How to bring back your wife who has left you?


We live together for almost ten years and three months ago we got married. But after the wedding we had only quarrels and troubles and we came to the point that we were not talking for days, and when we were talking, we began to quarrel again and then stop talking again. All this because of money raised at the wedding. What to do? Help me with some advice. I love her and I do not know what to do? She has left for a month and I am not able to find her. What to do? Help me, please, to bring back my wife. She does not answer the phone. She speaks only with the godmother and the last one does not want to give me the phone number or tell me where my wife is. Do I have a chance of reconciliation? Help me, please.

This message is a cry of despair, but it does not contain enough information to give a solid advice. It is very sad that because of money you got to destroy your marriage, that can not be measured with all the money in the world, because it is a covenant before God. Now, maybe others will understand why God allowed to be more poor in this world, because, as it is shown, when people have more wealth, they can not reconcile and accept one another, because they can not share money. As little children, instead of enjoying and playing with toys they have received, they begin to quarrel and beat because of them.

I fear that your wife does not realize the essence of marriage and she is ready to sacrifice it too soon for the money earned at the wedding, and to gather later serious consequences for life and to bring her pain and others.

Now, your question is what to do? Since your wife does not want to talk to you, you must send the message through people who have authority for her and whom she will want to listen to when they will speak to her. Here are some things that I advise you to do in the following order:

  1. Firstly go to talk with godparent and it is important to talk to both at once, not just with the godmother or godfather, but with both of them. Tell your godparents that you have asked them to be godparents so that they may be your mentors and those who will watch over your marriage to keep you from the evils that can affect you. Tell them the pain that you have, acknowledge the mistakes you made and ask for forgiveness, if you are guilty for them of something. Tell them that you want to keep your marriage, that is a covenant before God and, if it is broken will bring pain not only to you and and your wife, but also to your parents, godparents and to all others. Ask your godparents to intervene and talk to your wife’s heart to mediate the reconciliation and the restore of your marriage. If it does not have the desired effect…
  2. Go to the parents of your wife, your parents-in-law, and tell them the same things. You should definitely ask forgiveness for all wrong you have done to them and to their daughter who is your wife now and then, ask them to intervene to save your marriage. If this does not give the desired effect as well…
  3. Go to the priest who officiated your wedding in church. Tell him your problem and ask him to help and to intervene to find your wife, to speak to her and to remember the covenant which she entered before God and the consequences of breaking this covenant.

If none of those mentioned above person will be able to intervene, or their intervention will not have the desired result, write me. I hope that you will be able to save your marriage. God help you so.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru