How can Taekwon-do help a girl or a woman?

I have recently received a comment on the article What is the relationship between Taekwon-do and Christianity which says:

Good afternoon, Mr. Vasile! Thank you in advance for the answers to the following questions:

1. Do you, as a Taekwon-do instructor, but at the same time as an advisor, consider this sport suitable for a woman or a girl, emphasized for her feminity and sensitiveness? And what kind of influence will this bring on her features of character?

2. How much time do I need to supply daily for this kind of sport? I ask this because I have preliminary planning as one of my priorities for life. Maybe you ask yourself: “Why does a young lady who is 23 need such kind of sport?” The answer to this question is:“I think that one of the reasons is given in your article:“Victory over my own weeknesses”, and the other reason can be “I consider that each of us must accomplish as much as possible of his capacities and abilities given by God in this life.” I thank you in advance for the answers and thank you so much for all that you are doing for humanity! Have a nice day! With respect, E.M.

1.Taekwon-do is an art that teaches fineness. Each true art teaches fineness and develops sensitiveneness and refinement in every person. The same thing goes with music, painting, etc. But if the person who learns this art doesn’t have a strong spiritual foundation, then this art usually leads him to immorality. Some good examples of this statement are the actors from Hollywood and their life styles. Some of them openly proclaim their immoral life and they are not even ashamed of it. This is not art anymore, this is debauchery. Martial art is an art and its primary purpose is to help people have an incorruptible character and only after this to develop physical performances. But not every trainer and teacher of martial art have this purpose. Some of them use this art in the way it is used at Hollywood and that is not good. And my advice to the writer of the comment and to al those who want to practise this art  is to choose well the trainer, one who has good moral values and who is going to help his disciples have an incorruptible character.

2.Taekwon-do doesn’t distort the body of a woman. There are some kind of sports that develop certain groups of muscles and therefore make the body of a woman not to look so feminine and graceful. Taekwon-do is not such kind of sport. Taekwon-do develops all muscles at the same time and it doesn’t necessary concentrate on their capacity, but on strength, coordonation, suppleness, etc. Taekwon-do trainings also develop vestibular system, respiratory system and it is very useful for women especially nowadays, when the health rate is lower.

3.Taekwon-do teaches discipline and insistence. If you want to learn this art, you must have self-discipline and mantain it. I have been practising Taekwon-do for 19 years and now its trainings take an hour daily. Before this, when I was participating at different competitions, I had to practise it 5–6 hours per day. If a sportsman wants to see a personal progress in learning this art, he has to practise it for at least an hour per day. This will bring self-discipline and insistence and it will help you a lot in every domain.

At the end of my article I would like to give one more advice to the girls and women who practise Taekwon-do. Today is a common thing for a lot of girls to put a shadow on their feminity through their clothes. It is very nice for women and girls who practise Taekwon-do to wear clothes that will emphasize their feminity..

Translated by Djugostran Felicia