Help your elderly neighbors! | Christian Moldova social campaign

In the context of the crisis generated by the new COVID-19 virus, the Moldova Creştină portal comes with an initiative to mobilize the faithful in order to help the elderly. The elderly are the category of people most vulnerable to the killer virus.

Help Your | Connecting Neighbors in need with those that can  help

How can you help them?

First of all, you can help them materially, by purchasing food and medicine, given the Government’s call to stay at home. You can also help them spiritually. You can pray for their personal needs, you can bring them a copy of the New Testament or a Bible study course, which will be a great comfort to their souls.

How can you contact them?

First of all, go directly to those you know personally. If you don’t know them, we have created an ad in Romanian that you can download from here, print it and post it on the information panel in the stairwell of the building where you live. Enter your contact information in the ad so people can contact you.

Keep your social distance

Do not forget to follow the Government’s recommendations on protection measures. In order not to expose the elderly to the risk of infection, keep a social distance of at least 1.5 meters. You can leave the purchased things by the door and call them to come out and pick them up.

May God help us all to fulfill the commandment of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Translated by Olya Trikolich