H&M – from cheap and good clothes to cheap and dirty politics

I was outraged today to find out that the manufacturer of inexpensive and good quality clothes H&M started to make homosexual propaganda, launching the first collection of clothes with a pro-LGBT message. This company started its activity in 1947, producing clothes for women. Then it started producing clothes for men, children, teenagers and, recently, they even came on the market with furniture. Good, simple and cheap clothes have given them great success, so today H&M operates in 62 countries around the world, with 4,500 stores with over 132,000 employees. We also like to buy and wear the clothes of this manufacturer and we were waiting for such a store to open in the Republic of Moldova. Whenever I visited Romania or another country where there is an H&M store, if I was there with my wife or daughter, I liked to make them happy to buy them some clothes from this store. The news that H&M has now started to do dirty LGBT politics saddened me and extinguished my desire to frequent them.

I also posted a post on Facebook today, asking my friends to give me a list of clothing manufacturers who have spoken out strongly in support of the family. I would like to get to know them well, so that we can use their services.

And one more thing… Brothers and sisters who believe in Christ, do not be ashamed to tell people about Christ in your workplace. And if you have a company, think carefully about how you can use not only the revenue to preach the gospel, but also the work process, the products, and whatever it takes, to use them to proclaim Christ. Remember that the apostle Paul went to Aquila and Priscilla to find a job and a host. But as he worked for them, he told them the gospel and made them disciples of Christ. Then he prepared them for the mission work and, on leaving, took them with him and left them in Ephesus to plant a church there. All this happened at his workplace, where he had to earn his living until Silas and Timothy came from Macedonia and provided financial support so that he could devote himself entirely to preaching. May the Lord help us to use wisely everything we have to proclaim His Name and salvation!

Translated by Olya Trikolich