Greeting and common sense

Yesterday I gave a lesson to  my sons, David and Daniel and I have found good to share this lesson with the readers of this portal. Firstly, let me tell you the situation that took place and that provoked  me to teach my sons that lesson. While I was in the car, in front of our house, I saw my neighbour who was passing by and I went to greet him. While I was talking with him, I hold my camera in my hands. David, came to me to take the camera but he didn’t greet the neighbour, neither did Daniel. Then, I told David that he firstly needed to greet, so he held out his hand to the neighbour and the same thing did Daniel. Here are my advice given to my sons after we got back in the car and went on:

1.Always greet people. It is the first thing that shows if you have or you don’t have respect for people. I remember how, being a child, I passed by an elder man and I didn’t greet him. He stopped me and asked me whose I was, what my name was and then told me:“Vasilica, from now on, whenever you pass by people, greet all of them.” I was taught this at home but then I simply didn’t pay much attention. I am thankful to that man that he acted that way. Because those from my home didn’t know if I was greeting or wasn’t all the people . So, try always to greet people and if you see somebody who is younger an doesn’t do it, it is good to help them learn this thing. My sons should have got out from the car firstly and then greet our neighbour at a distance, they should have told “Good afternoon”. And if you don’t greet people, that means that you ignore that man’s personality.

2.Don’t hold out your hand the first to elder persons or to those in a higher status than you. In our case, David and Daniel should have waited until the neighbour held out his hand to greet them and only then to hold out their hands as a response. It is not meant a 2–7 or even 10 years difference, it is a bigger difference.

3.Be the first to hold out your hand when you greet younger persons or those in a lower status than you. Some time ago I had a meeting with the mere of the city, Mr. Dorin Chirtoaca. When I entered in his office, he was sitting at his desk. I didn’t hold out my hand, neither did he, we greeted only with “Good afternoon”. At the end of our discussion, he got out of his desk and came to hold out my hand and the hand of my colleg and went with us to the door. It was nice the way he acted.

Greeting people, you will show them respect and God will make you obtain favor in their sight.

Translated by Djugostran Felicia