From bad to worse: European Parliament promotes “sexual autonomy”

With the permission of the authors I forward a news sent by the Alliance of Families of Romania:

On February 10, EP (European Parliament) adopted by a vote of 412 to 212, Tarabella report on “Equality between Men and Women in the European Union.” The report presents some problems for the family and values.

Why Tarabella report is anti-family and anti-values?

Firstly, Paragraph X of the Preamble states that “recognition of the full physical and sexual autonomy of women is a precondition for any successful sexual and reproductive health rights policy”.

Secondly, Paragraph 38 states that “Women must have control over their sexual and reproductive rights, notably through easy access to Contraception and Abortion “.

In the third place, it says that women must have access free of charge to consultation on abortion, and men must be more aware of their responsibilities in relation to sexual and reproductive matters. As it is obvious, the report promotes abortion and radical, unnatural and non-Christian notions on human sexuality.

What means sexual autonomy?

Sexual autonomy is defined as a human right. It is a concept not only extreme and radical but mostly an unnatural one, an abnormal and dangerous behavior because it turns human sexuality into a commodity. Sexual autonomy denotes prostitution, something against nature and conscience, something irrational and immoral, infidelity in marriage, permissiveness, promiscuity and irresponsibility. What parent would promote “sexual autonomy” as a principle of life and behavior for his children?

Conscience and common sense urges us to responsibility and sobriety, and the European Parliament to promiscuity, to a premature and lacking of wisdom policy. Sexual autonomy is an obvious equivalent value, a deviation from the rules of nature, an aberration from how God created us as human beings dependent on one another, especially in the most intimate aspect of our lives, that is sexuality. This aspect, more than any other, defines our identity, and ensures a healthy intimate life. Previous generations taught us, and we, in our turn, teach our children that what God has united, man should not separate. Sexual autonomy separates this union which God has called perfect. Husband and wife form one body, while sexual autonomy undermines the solidarity of family and marriage, turning them into relationships of convenience between the so called autonomous parts.

The report also denotes a totalitarian taste

It is not the competence of the European Parliament neither to regulate our sexual and intimate life, especially in ways that are against nature, nor to indoctrinate us in ”politically correct” notion, in fashion among the depraved metropolises of Europe, designed and promoted by academics and intellectuals who lack the meaning of morality, but that are contrary to Christian teaching and practice. Tarabella report reflects precisely this radical turning point in European intellectual thought on sexuality. That’s why it should be rejected.

We also note that in terms of European structures, the Report violates the principle of subsidiarity regarding abortion and sexuality, stated in the Treaty of Lisbon ( “The principle of the subsidiary”). Abortion is an internal jurisdiction of Member States, not a union one.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru