Is denying the doctrine of the Trinity a reason to be excommunicated from church?


If I do not believe in the Trinity and hell anymore, is it a reason to be excommunicated from the Baptist church I am a member of? Can we speak about respecting the differences in opinions or there is a general rule that clearly sets the conditions for me to be excommunicated? Or should I simply not influence other members? If you were me, would you consider it important to tell others that what they believe is wrong or should I just keep my opinion for myself?

Yes, it is right that you be excommunicated from your church, because you deny God who reveals Himself as one being in three persons. It is true that the expression “trinity” or “holy trinity” cannot be found in the Bible, but the doctrine of the trinity is an important and well presented one in the Holy Scriptures. A saint from the old times said once that if a man ever tries to fully understand the doctrine of the holy trinity, he may lose his mind, but if he ever denies this teaching, he will lose his salvation. That’s why, you better receive God’s word as it is written and believe it, if you want to have eternal life and not go into eternal perdition.

We respect people’s various opinions in Christ’s Church, but not when it comes to basic doctrines of Christianity. Their denial is heresy, and heresy cannot be tolerated in the Church, because “a little leaven leavens the whole lump”.

You must not talk to others about your doubts and the wrong conclusions you came to, instead, you must study the Holy Scriptures and believe the Word of God as it is written so that you may have eternal life, and not go into eternal perdition. May God give you sound faith and protect you from any falling!