Double suicide in the capital. What lessons do we learn as parents?

Two teenagers from Chisinau, aged 15 and 16, respectively, died after they jumped from an 18-story building. It happened on March 8. The teenagers were found holding hands, tied with duct tape. In the boy’s pocket was discovered a farewell note addressed to his parents, which read: “Excuse us, we can no longer live such a life. Bury us together. ”

Looks like it’s about suicide. If so, I wonder what determined these children to end their days? Where did such thoughts come from? Who guided them to take this step? I wonder if no one noticed any deviations in the behavior of these young people or maybe they noticed, but underestimated the consequences? Psychologist Liuba Ceban believes that this is how teenagers wanted to emphasize and immortalize their love.

We do not know what was in the middle, but as parents it is necessary to learn some lessons from this tragedy. I believe that we have a duty, first and foremost, to educate our children. We live in hard times when we are pressured to make money, to build a career, and sometimes the family suffers. No kindergarten educator or school teacher, no matter how good, can replace parents. If we don’t make enough time for our children, they will spend it in front of the computer or with their friends and we will not be able to find out what they live with. We have to be their best friends. Let’s not think that if we provide our children with housing, clothes, or the most expensive phones, we have fulfilled all our duties. They need, first of all, our affection. When they put their hands down and are desperate, they need our presence and support. We need to teach them the Holy Scriptures so that they know what path to choose in life and how to build relationships with others. For this reason, let’s value our children and invest in them.

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Translated by Nicoleta Vicliuc