DIVORCE or CALVARY: What to do when you are disappointed in marriage?


What is your opinion about the relationship between a married couple where, simply, things do not go well for a long time, for various reasons such as lack of faith of one of the partners, the difference of character, different intellectual level, etc. Any attempt to settle the conflict only increases the problems. Would you prefer to continue your life as a calvary or divorce would be more correct?

All of us are different and you will not find a couple where the spouses have the same levels. Differences are those that attract us, make us fall in love and then we get married, and they also create harmony in our families.

God is the author of marriage and He hates divorce. If you have become a Christian and you were already married, you have to learn from the Holy Scriptures how to relate properly to the husband or wife who are non-Christians. Lord Jesus said that adultery is the only reason for divorce.

Do not think that it is appropriate to consider differences as a calvary. Moreover, you should think about children. Last Sunday, we had a baptism at “Bunavestirea” Church and one young woman said in her testimony that she was about to commit suicide when she had learned of her parents’ intention to divorce. For children, the separation of their parents, the partition of property, the procedure of divorce, even the most friendly one is a real calvary. So, each spouse must think not only about him but also about children, when he is tempted by the idea to apply for divorce or live separately. Moreover, I have noticed that children love both parents without caring about their intellectual differences, etc.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru