Design is a tool that can be used to share the gospel

“I want to serve God, because everything He has done has been done for His glory and only in this way can He justify His existence. I think that’s how I should look at all the things he’s given me, especially my life. I want to be able to say at the end of my life that I have invested my life for the glory of God and not for rubble. I don’t think I live life like that for the most part, but that’s what I want “, said Daniel Filat, the young man I will tell you about in this issue.

Daniel is 21 years old. He lives in Chisinau and studies computer science at the State University. He repented at the age of 15, after which he was baptized and is now part of the “Buna Vestire” church, whose pastor is Daniel’s father, Vasile Filat. For the most part, Daniel is in charge of the design for all the work and events that take place in the church. “The beginning was a spontaneous one because I wasn’t really passionate about it until then, but there was a need to cover at that moment in the ministry led by my father and I thought I could try. Later I noticed that the design started to take up more and more time in my schedule and so I understood that this could be a sign that this should be my job,” said Daniel, who has already been in charge of design for four years now. 

For the past two years, Daniel has been on a mission trip to Africa and Uganda, where he and the pastor and missionary Radu Blendarencu taught the Word of God for a few weeks. Radu Blendarencu taught the session for pastors and Daniel taught the session for Sunday school leaders. “I was impressed by the way people, who, according to secular thinking, have nothing, don’t even know if they will have anything to feed their family, but can be so grateful to God. I appreciated this the most from a friend I met there, Taban. He is the leader in all the work with young people in a refugee camp. It was very rare to hear someone complain about their condition,” Daniel said enthusiastically about his impressions of these missionary journeys.

At the moment, Daniel is working on his thesis for this school year, which consists in designing the interface of the Moldova Crestina website, which will be launched in the near future. “Most of the projects I work on are affiliated with the work being done within the Precept Ministries Moldova mission, such as the Taekwon-Do Club “Stolas Leukas,” English for a New Life, Asaf music camp. My job consists of elaborating printed or digital materials, branding and web design. I have accumulated a lot of knowledge from online courses and books. The faculty I chose at the university is complemented by design in terms of web technologies even if they are two very different fields. This made me focus more on designing graphical web interfaces (UI / UX),” said Daniel.

In the end, this young man told me about his plans for the future. “Because in recent years web technology is developing very fast, I want to develop more in the field of Web Design (UI). In addition to this, I also have a passion for illustrations and I have always been fascinated by the impact of a good illustration, so I want to study this field which is very new to me. I hope to be able to apply all this knowledge as effectively as possible to the advancement of the gospel and to contribute as much as I can to the beautiful ministry that others do.

We are glad that in Moldova we have such young people who, through everything they do, seek to bring glory to God.


Translated by Nicoleta Vicliuc